6 thoughts on “Seventy-One and Still Going Strong

  1. McCain was always expected to do better in NH. But it’s a pretty small state and it’s hard to say whether McCain is really on top generally or not. Really, all this has done is through the Republican primary into further doubt, which makes for a much more interesting race. Good news for political junkies like me.

    Of the GOP nominees, I’d prefer McCain over the others.

  2. I am so glad that john mccain won,and that mccain taught romney a lesson,that when you play dirty with negative advertisements and commercials your destined to lose,like romney lost to mccain,and john mccain once again proved when you turn the other cheek like our lord and savior Jesus Christ tell us to do,were destined to win it all,at this moment I know all the winners are proud of their accomplishments,go huckabee and mccain and keep winning,because every time you guys win,you put pressure on romney,which is good news for us christians.

  3. Good to meet you, truthteller!

    John McCain is famous for a lot of things. Turning the other cheek is not among them. He is actually quite feisty when his opponents attack him.

  4. I’m leaning more towards HC.
    she has more practical on-the-ground experience than BO. she may have come off a bit abrasive, but she’s been unwarrantly attacked by rightests.

    Hill & Bill would be a terrific 1-2 punch if favor of america & americans.

    if not her, Edwards is also qualified.

    If MR doesn’t win MI, he’s out.

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