Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!

While sad in all the typical ways, I couldn’t help but chuckle at one line in this article about the ousting of an apostate in Arizona. Apparently they can’t just let this guy slink off into the night, as he intended to do once he realized Mormonism is a sham. Because he actually told people it’s all bullshit, his Stake President decided to announce it from the pulpit at all of the wards in his stake. Here’s the reason given by the Stake President who made the decision (this is the line that cracked me up),

“We need to let people know if there is a danger to them, such as him teaching doctrine that is contrary to what is taught by the church,รขโ‚ฌย Molina said Friday.”

I had no idea that someone telling other people the truth about Mormonism and encouraging them to study their religion is on the same level as tornados, hurricanes, blizzards, the apocalypse, sin, etc. This man is such a “danger” to those around him that they feel it necessary to tell them all to stay away. Brilliant!

I say kudos to the guy for getting the word out in the paper first. By doing so he has probably taking all the steam out of the Stake President’s push – everyone knows, and everyone knows on his terms. I think every person who leaves Mormonism should do the same thing – raise a huge fuss with the local leaders and then get their cause in the local paper, along with all sorts of information about Mormonism (like Joe’s 33 wives). Fight the good fight, Lamborn!


I'm a college professor and, well, a professional X-Mormon. Thus, ProfXM. I love my Mormon family, but have issues with LDS Inc. And I'm not afraid to tell LDS Inc. what I really think... anonymously, of course!

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4 Responses

  1. Nom de Cypher says:

    Am I the only person who is reminded of Capt. Jack’s Parable of the Three Stooges?

    To make it short, the Stooges end up in a rowboat in the middle of a lake. The boat begins to take on water, at which point the Stooges start to punch holes in the bottom to “let the water out”. More water means more holes punched in the doomed vessel, as the holes they’ve already punched aren’t letting the water out fast enough. It’s obvious how the whole things ends: our Heroes, in their wool suits, sink and end up staggering onto shore with fish in their pockets, seaweed in their hair, etc….

    Be sure to tell the entire stake that you are excommunicating him for talking about the church. Surely no one will ever go and ask their former EQP and HPG instructor why he left, or ask to see his document. Nope. Never.

    This is the safest thing.

  2. exmoron says:

    I couldn’t have said it better! Like I said, I think everyone who “bails” (pun intended) should do so in the most public and vocal way possible. (Of course, I can say that now that I’m out, but I would not have wanted to while I was in the process of bailing… ๐Ÿ™

  3. Despite my provocative posts on my blog, no one has moved to ex me. I’ve even called out the bishop by name for preaching false doctrine. The bishop and some ward members are aware of my blog, though I’m not sure if anyone reads it at this point. Of course I’m not trying to be provocative. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have my reasons for not resigning, but if they try to ex me, first thing on the to do list is preemptive resignation. The funny thing is that I’d probably still show up to church most Sundays to help my wife.

  4. exmoron says:

    Good for you, Jonathan. If they do try to ex you, make it as public as possible! The more attention brought to this issue, the better.

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