The new convert and the scripture-chase (Youth Conference continues…)

At breakfast Annette was ecstatically telling everyone about Tony, her new boyfriend. She recounted how she met him and how she’d asked him to dance and all that. It turned out that he was in the Crystal second ward, so he wasn’t too far away even if he wasn’t right next door. And they’d already exchanged phone numbers so that they could keep in contact after the end of Youth Conference. We all congratulated her and gushed about how very cute he was. At this point I had no reason to be jealous since I had met someone too.

Not to be outdone, as soon as her story started to wind down a bit I launched into my narrative about Bill. I skipped the parts about not hearing him and about computer networking and went straight to telling them about how cute he was and how much he seemed to like me. All the girls who had seen him agreed that he was very cute. Read the rest of the story »


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3 Responses

  1. aerin says:

    I was actually pretty good at scripture chases back in the day. Many people had actually color coded their scriptures – with different colors for different types of scriptures. One might think this was sacreligious, (using colored pencils on the word of god), but it was never seen that way.

    Also – I’m surprised in this chapter, despite the weather, they didn’t just give the boys a basketball while the girls watched. I never personally experienced that type of activity (eyes rolling).

  2. chanson says:

    I was kind of mediocre at scripture-chasing.

    I remember some youth activities that involved having the boys play basketball while the girls watched, but I decided to spare my fictional characters that… 😉

  3. Hellmut says:

    I had a great seminary class. We met once a week and had workbooks at home.

    The content of the workbooks asinine. They constantly asked stupid questions such as “Who waited for Moses?” Duh, his brother Aaron, stop treating us like fools.

    But when got together we had great discussions about the gospel. And as we could not usually see each other during the week, we were excited to get together with other Mormon children who shared our values and our way of life.

    Once a month, we had youth Saturday at the stake center in Düsseldorf which consisted of a seminary instruction by the regional CES employee and a great activity. Often the location would rotate to different wards in the stake.

    The challenge was to organize enough rides so that we could all go. Gasoline is three times as expensive in Europe.

    Anyways, in the entire stake there was only one dork who memorized the scriptures. Of course, he was also the guy who refused to go on a mission, got married instead and was divorced a year later.

    In my ward, we were more about understanding the gospel. So most of us went on missions only to loose our testimonies. As far as I know, there is only one of us who is still active.

    If the LDS Church ever wants to get anywhere in Europe, they really need to stop sending people on full time missions.

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