God Loveth His Children

So I hear the church is putting out another pamphlet (And I REFUSE to capitalize the word church), “God Loveth His Children.” Once again, I’m so touched by their little warm fuzzies. Should I be encouraged by this “step forward”, or once again frustrated by the homophobia that permeates the backward, octogenarian thought process? I don’t think I have any alternative than to choose the latter.

Once again, they tell me that:
a) many people suffer from Same-Sex Attraction (SSA) in this life
b) acting on SSA is a sin
c) don’t associate with others with SSA
d) don’t flaunt your SSA
e) don’t talk about your SSA

One new thing:
a) church members should be tolerant of those suffering from SSA

So as long as a gay person (sorry, someone suffering from SSA) does not act on his or her feelings, they can be a righteous member of the fold. Bullshit. Am I the only one that remembers being taught that thinking about sinning is as bad as actually committing one? Sounds like the church is pulling a 180. They know that the times are a changin’, and this new brochure is just part of a poorly hidden strategy for the eventual revelation where the prophet will declare that homosexuality should no longer be considered a sin. To continue to be a viable religious institution in the next few decades, they will have to make many such concessions. But how many young people will take their own lives before then? One is too many; but I know there will be significantly more than that.

Throughout its history, the church has vehemently opposed sex outside of marriage. So what happens when the early church leadership wants to indulge their sexual appetites for women (and teenage girls) to whom they’re not married? Sounds like the perfect time for a revelation requiring polygamy. Hmmmm. Fast forward 150 years when two consenting adults of the same gender want to tie the knot. Now that’s just taking things too far. Let’s send a couple million dollars from the church coffers into defeating a marriage amendment in Hawaii. Puh-leese. Weren’t the early polygamists considered sexual deviants by mainstream society? And things certainly haven’t changed there. Ironic, I think, that a bunch of deviants fought for their right to live life as they wanted, their descendants honor their heritage, and the church still fights gays and lesbians that want to join together in healthy, monogamous relationships.

I can’t begin to tell you how glad I am to be out of that environment. I wasn’t suicidal as a teenager (I was too busy eating myself to death), but I did approach the ledge, as it were, when I was 26. Scary stuff, no doubt; but I lived through it with the help of a very caring psychologist. It breaks my heart to think about the higher-than-average suicide rates among gay teens in Utah. Stuart Matis, I feel your pain. No young person should ever go through the self-hate, the guilt, and the shame you did. Did I mention the guilt? And all the others like you, like us; it’s a tragedy. So the church puts out another “God Loves You” piece of crap statement that only further pushes these poor souls towards a bitter, lonely, agonizing precipice. Make the pain go away, or continue to suffer for year upon year upon year. Shame on you, Gordon B. Hinckley. Shame on you and all your cronie buddies.


I'm the secret love slave of Jonny McGovern, the Gay Pimp. I'm originally from the Bay Area of San Francisco, but have lived most of my life in Richmond, Virginia. I am the youngest of four kids, having 2 sisters and a brother. I joined the Mormon church when I was 15, and even went on a mission to Puerto Rico. After coming out in 1994, I eventually left the church, spent many years as an atheist / agnostic, and have recently become Unitarian. I used to be really fat until I had weight loss surgery about 4 years ago, and have lost about 250 pounds since then. I work as a techno geek and am currently working on getting my MCSE 2003 certification. I enjoy traveling, reading, music, movies, shooting pool, and drinking too much.

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6 Responses

  1. Phouchg says:

    Scary to think a bunch of old coots cloistered in their opulent conference room in the upper reaches of the Salt Lake Temple can feign love and compassion, all the while unleashing a verbal gay-bashing on the thousands of LDS gays and lesbians. I still want to know how my friends Eddie and Rick getting married is going to harm my marriage…

  2. JulieAnn says:

    I almost wrote post on this. Glad you did such a great job. I was so troubled by the story in the paper about this. I mean, ‘we will be perfected’? So according to their own docterine, taht means that all people of color will be turned white, right? White and “delightsome”?

    They pontificate on the glories of eternal families…don’t they know that families are the #1 reason people go into therapy?! Who wants to be with those people for eternity?! LOL


    Frightening that people buy into their dogma.

  3. FFG says:

    I guess they are trying to seem more open minded to fit in with the world and gain members, but as usual they fail.

  4. SML says:

    Well said, Dan. I sure wish the church practiced what they preach about loving one another. Some idea of love, huh?

  5. exmoron says:

    Nice post. I’m glad someone posted something about this – definitely noteworthy news.

  6. Hellmut says:

    Have you noticed that Gordon Hinckley has repeatedly admitted that he does not understand the biology of sexuality? How can he justify his discriminatory agenda in light of his admitted ignorance?

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