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Do you believe in Priesthood Blessings? 6

Do you believe in Priesthood Blessings?

In the July 2012 edition of the Ensign, there is an article by Elder Dallen H Oaks. In the article, he talks about the different kinds of priesthood blessings. For this post, I...

Power and Morality 0

Power and Morality

The Jesuit magazine America features an essay by Cathleen Kaveny, which discusses the concept of inherent evil and it’s political implications. This passage caught my attention: Some Catholic commentators have claimed that the certainty...

Grayer than thou? 141

Grayer than thou?

John C. at BCC published this rather stark post, the basic (and unfortunately familiar) thrust of which is that, if you “lose your faith,” it’s your own fault — not any leaders, GAs, ward...