Sunday in Outer Blogness: It’s not over till it’s over edition!!

After last week’s high note on US/Utah politics, things are getting muddy again, with Trump triggering PTSD in assault victims, and the news that Utah’s own dark horse (or rather white horse) candidate may actually win in Utah (I guess that’s better than Trump…?)

I think Adam Lee makes a very important point about the election coverage:

We know they’re out there – Clinton got almost 17 million votes in the primaries, more than any other candidate of either party. But to judge by the scanty media coverage, you’d think they were some impersonal force like weather or tides, rather than tens of millions of human beings who presumably have reasons for choosing as they did.

By comparison, rivers of ink have been spilled describing, interviewing, and psychoanalyzing Trump voters, whether sympathetically or critically or some mixture of both.

Remember that mental illness is not to be taken lightly, particularly at this time of year.

In media, Brooke and Casey (of Expert Textperts) have started an awesome new podcast — check it out! And songs in Tyler Glenn’s new album Excommunication are being hailed as our new anthems!

In other LDS news, BYU’s Big 12 bid was rejected, largely due to issues with treatment of those who are different. Also, they can’t seem to stop blaming the victims of their famously boring meetings.

In discussions, how about that dress code? And gravy train? Polygamy and feminism…? And agency and abortion?

BCC has been posting a cool series on helping girls stay in school:

But in all honesty, I didn’t plan on “using” my degree, so I never purposefully thought about a career path in college. I chose those majors because I thought they would be conducive to being a SAHM, and a good “back up career” if I HAD to work. My senior year at BYU, I worked at my aunt’s law firm in Sal Lake City as a legal assistant, and enjoyed the job. Shortly after I graduated I landed a job at a law firm in Provo as a full time legal assistant/file clerk, and soon trained as a paralegal.

In life journeys, aenonemoss recounted a heart-wrenching story of what happens when a 15-year-old LDS girl gets pregnant and is sent away “to live with relatives” to hide it. Dad’s Prima Scream’s daughter is not so keen on church, and ViolaLeDuc is saying goodbye on a beautiful high note:

Nine years ago marriage was something different. It was part of check list to get into heaven. I had to find the right person that would follow the commandments with me. We would live together for eternity….. etc, etc, etc, etc.

Today I am getting married because of a deeper connection I have with my fiancée. I cherish every moment I have with her because this life is all I have. I am living for the now. People tend to think that just because I don’t belief in god(s) my life must be full of less love, but I am finding it to be just the opposite.

Folks, I hope you had a chance to check out Donna Banta’s review of Bearing Witness — I recently got my copy and had a blast re-reading it! Full disclosure: I wrote one of the essays in it, but I can tell you that my essay is not the only reason this fantastic book is worth a read! In case you run out of great stuff to read. 😀

Till next week!


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