Sunday in Outer Blogness: More disaster edition!

With this latest attack in Nice, I’m afraid I’m just going to have to keep naming all of these some sort of disaster edition, since it appears that the mass murder and discriminatory policing are not going to be letting up any time soon.

Suicide has now risen to #1 cause of death for youth in Utah. It is past time to start valuing the lives of people who are marginalized. And even in situations that aren’t life-and-death, let’s recognize how the deck is stacked.

In church watch, the CoJCoL-dS’s chief lawyer says not all religious freedoms should be defended the same, notably listing as one of the core freedoms “protecting the nonprofit status and operation of religious organizations” — kinda surprising for a church corporation that owns so many for-profit businesses. Note that the CoJCoL-dS has an interesting history with the establishment clause.

Knotty reported on a tale of a peeping tom bishop, and don’t forget the Holy Ghost is sensitive.

In personal stories, it’s time to start coming out of the closet about abortion. And why not also some stories of polygamy? Also a father’s blessing from Steve Otteson and Monica’s thoughts on her third child’s birth.

In life journeys, Brian Whitney has some sort of faith journey that wasn’t a faith transition, and in history, it’s never a good time to be a heretic,

And to close on a light note, check out these lovely pictures of a new distillery in Salt Lake City!

So there you go — another week’s worth of LDS news and stories to take your mind of all your other stress. Have a great week!


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