Sunday in Outer Blogness: Primaries edition!

Yes, US politics. I’d like to look away from it all, but Trump is courting Utah — and the response is making Mormons look good. Sadly, the whole Glenn Beck / Ted Cruz thing is having the opposite effect.

There was hardly any Mormon news to speak of. Perhaps this beautiful painting whose artist, unfortunately, seems not very interested in learning something from people’s reaction to his work.

This has been a big week for sex! Mormon Stories interviewed Kate Kelly regarding her Planned Parenthood activities (among other things), and also interviewed Alex Cooper (of “Saving Alex“) on reparative therapy. Natasha Helfer Parker’s Mormon Sex Info podcast is going strong. Mithryn discussed Mormons and porn.

On a related note, the CoJCoL-dS pretends to have the same chastity standards for homo & hetero, but it would be great if they’d be a little more honest. Speaking of double-standards, denying women the priesthood affects them in real ways. At least the Girl Scouts have some advantages over their opposite couterparts. On the flip side, Jared Jones recounted his experience as a Mormon stay-at-home-Dad:

The challenges of being a stay-at-home dad are somewhat magnified by the lens of cultural Mormonism. A strict interpretation of the Family: A Proclamation to the World, for example, could suggest I am failing in my patriarchal responsibilities. On the same Sunday I received positive comments (“Oh, that’s so great you’re home with the kids”), my wife received questions and criticism about her career choices (“Why would you do that do yourself?”).

In personal stories, William Law shared his exit story, the Debrief Society discussed trying to work with the local ward, and Joseph Broom shared his husband’s obituary — a beautiful example of embracing the life you have.

Yay, I succeeded in finishing SiOB on Sunday itself — as predicted! And yet I still got in a huge amount of work done on my comic book! A great weekend for me — I hope yours was good as well!


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