Sunday in Outer Blogness: Quiet for now edition!

Seems pretty quiet on the Mormon front this week. Ordain Women? Still pressing on. Worthiness interviews (where middle-aged men ask teens about sex behind closed doors) are still a problem. Kirby is preparing for his inevitable excommunication. Legalizing medical marijuana has some unintended consequences. And J. Max wrote an article that’s totally reasonable (of course it wasn’t about Mormonism).

In other church news, the CoJCoL-dS explicitly refuses accountability when it comes to the gay question, and if they’re standing for something, it’s not like they haven’t flexed before. Oh, and that “hastening the work” thing hasn’t really worked:

Although everyone was bearing their heartfelt testimony that the field was white and ready to harvest, it just wasn’t the case. The only thing that has gotten whiter and more ready to harvest are the organ donors serving in the Quorum of the Twelve.

In scripture study, Paul Barker posed an interesting thought experiment about the consequences if the Book of Mormon actually were true. It turns out, the Book of Mormon wasn’t even written for white people. Meanwhile, some folks appear to have been taken in by some rusty gold plates. And Jason L is longing for a Moroni 6 church — I assume you have your scriptures handy to find the reference!

In history, Zina Jacobs-Smith-Young offers 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Martin Harris.

In theology, FannysForAlgernon recounted how confirmation bias worked in his own life. Steve Otteson recounted how he didn’t choose not to believe. And without saying “cult” we can talk about how organizations can control people.

In personal, Michelle L wrote about women having a hard time being OK with other women’s choices. And Alliegator posted a charming tale of LDS leaders doing the right thing.

In random fun, Seth and Michael are taking on the Word of Wisdom in the coolest possible way, but Verlyne is right up there! The Brodie-Award-winning Mormon coloring pages are getting ready for publication — give your feedback! Mormon creative dating is alive and well! And Froggey took some beautiful waterfront photos.

And let’s close with some poetry! Have a calm, safe, happy week!


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