Check out “Upper Room Cartoon”

There’s a new Mormon-themed Youtube channel, and it looks very promsing: The Upper Room Cartoon.

Two cartoons have been posted so far. They look exactly the same: five white guys who are leaders of the church (have to admit that I don’t pay enough attention to who the leaders are, so I can only recognize Monson and Uchtdorf for sure) discuss some topic relevant to a problem in the church for under four minutes.

The first is about the horrible new policy punishing the children of gay people. Notable lines:

“But we believe that men will be punished for their own sins, and not for Adam’s transgression.”

“Yeah, but Adam wasn’t gay.”


“Utah leads the nation in gay suicide rates. You think that has anything to do with us?”


The second is about women, or the “Sisters in Zion.” Notable line:

“Ordain” this, “ordain” that. We just say it didn’t mean “ordain,” and then it doesn’t mean “ordain.”

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3 Responses

  1. chanson says:

    So true — these are hilarious!!

  2. Circus watcher says:

    About women and the priesthood.

    “The women are stirring the pot”

    “Isn’t that their job?”

    That is funny.

  3. chanson says:

    I love that bit. 😀

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