Sunday in Outer Blogness: More fun for the women edition!

As you might imagine, the discussion of last week‘s essay on women, the priesthood, and Heavenly Mother isn’t done. The doctrine of a Heavenly Mother that you aren’t allowed to talk to or about is just too problematic. And the bit in the essay about women and the priesthood seems to be sending a mixed message. Though some brave souls have tried to make sense of the essay, others are quicker to cut the bullshit. Commentary includes podcasts and poetry.

Of course, can you expect the church to do better with respect to women? Just look at the scriptures

In the wake of this challenging discussion, Elder Ballard decided to lighten the mood with a joke about how women should go put on some lipstick. It was perhaps the wrong thing to say, even if it weren’t for the fact that it contradicts some scripture.

In addition to the gender problem, it’s starting to look like the CoJCoL-dS has a bit of a problem with sexuality:

Like water dammed in a reservoir that percolates out through unintended channels, forcefully constrained sexuality finds a way of expression. The unfortunate reality is that such sexual expression among Mormons presents itself in antisocial ways. Some shocking statistics over the past years demonstrate this dysfunctional sexual expression

Then there were some other thoughts about Mormonism, like the church’s humanitarian acts towards refugees, Nearing Kolob’s take on “doubt your doubts”, Dad’s Primal Scream’s adventures in parenting mishies, Chris Smith’s discussion of the early temple costume drama, and Zelph on the Shelf’s hilarious exmo celebrity quotes!!

(Actually I need to keep an eye on these — X-Mo of the year is coming up…)

In other fun, we have an ExMormonad and a holiday celebration!

And remember — we are or were Mormons, but we love to talk about plenty of other subjects!!

Heather ran a marathon while sick, Knotty loves profanity, Andrew Hackman gave some deserved thanks, Uomo Nuovo is mapping his husband’s cancer experience, Gay Mormon Southpaw is getting to know his readers, Froggie has a recipe for pumpkin-curry soup, and the old grouch discussed the scourge of Democratic Socialism.

And, on a personal note, I’m really thrilled to have succeeded in my goal of finishing three more pages of my comic book by November 1!! The thing that really makes me happy is that the ratio of quality to time spent is starting to make it look like this is really going to happen — like it’s real possibility, not just a silly fantasy of mine. Which is great because there’s nothing I’d rather do than illustrate this silly story and imagine what I’d like each panel to look like.

Wishing the rest of you happy dreams as well!! 😀


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2 Responses

  1. Parker says:

    Given the new essay on women and the priesthood, you would have thought they would have told Sister Kelly that since she already held the priesthood she was welcome to attend priesthood meeting along with her fellow priesthood holders.

  2. chanson says:

    @1 Well, maybe the people who turned them away just needed to have this enlightenment. Maybe Ordain Women should try again, with this essay in hand. 😉

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