Sunday in Outer Blogness: Black Friday Edition!

Sadly, this week world news finally pushed Mormon news off the center stage, with a new reminder that the US justice system has a very serious race problem. Take it away Andrew S:

It happened all over again with Mike Brown. I joked once that since I follow the Word of Wisdom (which prohibits alcohol and tobacco), I would never be caught (and shot after) stealing cigarillos. The humor was only to conceal my fear – that no matter what I did, I could never become white and delightsome. I would never be safe.

The aftershocks from the polygamy essays aren’t quite over (see this piece on the problem of gaslighting), but it looks like a new item has appeared in the Mormon news cycle: out-ofcontrol antibeard policies!

Some other tidbits from Mormon News: the CoJCoL-dS admitted the mall was a bad investment, and Nearing Kolob has some interesting dispatches from the mission field.

Runtu completed another letter in his dictionary of Mormonism, and Brandon Pearce made a good list of suggestions for improving the CoJCoL-dS (though it’s not clear what’s the advantage of improving it over simply dumping it). Knotty reviewed another missionary memoir, and Diane Tingen has a new Ex-Mormon Hymn!

Then there was a holiday this past week. Here are some thoughts on Thanksgiving and some family scenes, including recipes! Just watch out for that BYU vs. U of U rivalry!

In scripture study, we have some good news and bad news. The good news is that Old Testament laws limit a king’s wealth. But the bad news is there’s no moderation encouraged in nursing that persecution complex, and the Book of Mormon still has a race problem and doesn’t always make sense. This weeks theological thoughts include God vs. Slenderman and the problem with the good news.

In random stuff, I finally wrote the piece I’d been planning to write about the Lego Movie. And Chris Webber wrote a lovely haiku and posted a thoughtful poem on the same blog.

Happy reading!


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