Sunday in Outer Blogness: Modest proposals edition!

This has been an interesting week! The leaders of the CoJCoL-dS have launched a new campaign to encourage members to share their faith on social media. Then they helped out by providing some viral-worthy stories such as using the BYU commencement to speak against gay marriage and removing same-sex-marriage greeting cards from the shelves of the BYU bookstore. (I love these hilarious suggestions for BYU-friendly same-sex marriage cards.)

Similarly, issues of Cosmopolitan were pulled from a Utah WallMart due to an unflattering article about how the sex ban at BYU exacerbates problems of sexual assault (that last link contains Donna Banta’s hilarious “Vagina Testimony” from Sunstone 2012). The CoJCoL-dS still seems to have a bit of a sexism problem, and also blames its mistakes on the members and gives bad advice.

On a related note, the modesty rhetoric of the CoJCoL-dS is dramatically on the rise. Fortunately, folks are able to get a few laughs out of it.

In other fun, Glenn Beck had a close brush with reality!

Meanwhile the situation in Ferguson continues.

In scripture study, Alma demonstrated how missionary work is done. We also learned about God’s morality through the story of Job — and don’t forget to click through to the Tale of the Twelve Officers. God’s morality is really problematic, and, interestingly, the early biblical patriarchs’ wives were more slaves than wives. (On a related note, a Cognitive Evolution Laboratory study could shed light on Mormon morality.)

In books, please have a look at this new review I wrote this morning of Johnny Townsend‘s “A Day at the Temple.” (I also wrote a piece criticizing Harry Potter earlier this week.) No Cool Name Tom wrote a piece of Nauvoo-era historical fiction. Plus two of my favorite musicals got coverage!

In life journeys, Ren resigned from the CoJCoL-dS again! Dave and Sally visited the Community of Christ. The highchair travelers indexed their adventures, and Joseph Broom is biking all over Francecheck out the beautiful pictures!

I hope you’ve had a fun week — happy reading!


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  1. Alan says:

    (I love these hilarious suggestions for BYU-friendly same-sex marriage cards.)

    I commented with this one:

    (outside of card): “‘Till death do you part…”

    (inside): “No, really, you will part at death, because your marriage is not eternal.”


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