the “Mormon Moment”: Publication Opportunity

An edited volume examining the “Mormon Moment” is under development.  The editors are looking for contributions (see this call for chapter proposals).  Of particular relevance to the MSP community might be chapters on how the Mormon Moment affected “outer blogness”, former Mormons, or the GLBTQ community (Mormon or non-Mormon).


I'm a college professor and, well, a professional X-Mormon. Thus, ProfXM. I love my Mormon family, but have issues with LDS Inc. And I'm not afraid to tell LDS Inc. what I really think... anonymously, of course!

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2 Responses

  1. chanson says:

    Very cool!!

    I can think of several additional subjects that aren’t on the list…

  2. profxm says:

    You should submit a chapter proposal on those subjects!

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