2012 Brodies: Vote Here!!


Year-long awards for people and websites

Awards for Individual Works

Naturally, this is the part that kept me from finishing the polls yesterday as I’d planned — it was just so interesting to review all of these amazing posts from 2012!! I’m planning to skip SiOB this week (and do a double one next week) so that you won’t be distracted from reviewing the nominees! As always, I reorganized the categories a bit — adding or splitting some, deleting or combining others — according to which categories were strongly represented.

The links follow each poll, due to length restrictions on the poll entries.

2012 Brodies: Best LDS-Interest Book (Fiction)

2012 Brodies: Best LDS-Interest Book (Non-fiction)

2012 Brodies: Best LDS-Interest Comic or Image

(Vote on the image(s) found at the link, not on the post)

2012 Brodies: Best Poem

2012 Brodies: Best Musical Work

2012 Brodies: Best Post Title

2012 Brodies: Funniest Humor Piece

2012 Brodies: Funniest Vignette or Anecdote

2012 Brodies: Most Poignant Personal Story

2012 Brodies: Best Exit Story

2012 Brodies: Best Moving On from Mormonism Story

2012 Brodies: Best Life Journey Post

2012 Brodies: Best News Reporting

2012 Brodies: Best LDS Church Watch

2012 Brodies: Best Response to Apologetics

2012 Brodies: Most Insightful Discussion of the Practices of the CoJCoL-dS

2012 Brodies: Most Insightful Discussion of Mormon Culture

2012 Brodies: Best Discussion of Mormon (or former-Mormon) Community

2012 Brodies: Most Interesting Interfaith Interaction

2012 Brodies: Best LDS-Related Political Commentary

2012 Brodies: Best Religion-and-Gender Discussion

2012 Brodies: Best Religion-and-Homosexuality Discussion

2012 Brodies: Best Religion-and-Kids/Parenting Discussion

2012 Brodies: Best Erotic or Sexual Piece

2012 Brodies: Best History Piece

2012 Brodies: Best Philosophical/Theological Discussion

2012 Brodies: Best Review

2012 Brodies: Best Recipe

The polls close on February 6 at 1am Swiss time — good luck, and happy reading!!!

17 thoughts on “2012 Brodies: Vote Here!!

  1. I know ! I tried not to go too overboard on adding my own nominations (to make sure it’s reasonable for interested voters to read most or all of them), but there were so many interesting posts!!

    One particular trend that stood out for me is the strength of the “News Reporting” and “LDS Church Watch” categories. Usually I think of blogspace as mostly for commentary and discussion, but in 2012 there were really a lot of stories that either broke in blogspace or where the story was covered best by the blogs.

  2. I agree chanson. There is a lot of really good news being made, or reported, as it happens. Honestly, I didn’t really understand what the category meant, or I would have added the guest post from my friend surviving Hurricane Sandy. Although I guess it wasn’t really LDS themed though.

    I am glad I have some time to read through all of these. Do I have to worry about closing my browser? (Is it considered cool or stupid to mention being nominated on our personal blogs?)

  3. That is true Rock, however, many of the other contenders have had their fair share of past lime light as well. I wonder how broadly they sought nominations. This is the first I’ve heard of the Brodie awards for this year.

  4. @10 Yeah, I was going to say I feel like I didn’t publicize the nominations well enough this year. In the past, I’ve written to you about the nominations, and this year I forgot to do that.

    Also, in the past, I’ve done a “last call for nominations” post that lists the nominations up to that point — to help people get an idea of which categories still need nominations, and to get people who may have missed the earlier nominations thread another chance to see it.

    Anyway, I really regret the sloppiness of this year’s Brodie Award nomination process. (I’ve been crazy busy with moving and work, etc., but I obviously could and should have put up the “last call for nominations” post.) I hope the Brodies will be fun this year anyway, and next year’s will be even better!!!

  5. Doesn’t bother me, Chanson. I’m a big admirer of you for all that you do in promoting the Bloggernacle, and I think you have quite an impressive bunch listed here that I would not have even known of had it not been for your good work. I understand how life can get in the way of things. Anyway, you have promoted the heck out of my blog, “Pure Mormonism” several times in the past, and I’m the proud recipient of a Brodie Award for last year, which was completely unexpected, so Whoo Hoo!

  6. @14 Yeah I know — a little bit of procrastination. 😉

    After this batch of awards is done, I’ll add the latest buttons in the sidebar for all the missing years of both awards.

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