what’s wrong with this photo


Just read this story in the LA Times about Mitt’s religion influencing his politics. It led with this photo:

The caption for the photo read:

The Relief Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Rancho Cucamonga meets on a Sunday morning. Mormons’ communal spirit rests side by side with a strong belief in individual responsibility. (Dan Krauss, Los Angeles Times / September 21, 2012)

Anyone notice what is “out of place”? Or, in Sesame Street terms, “Two things are not like the others.”

7 thoughts on “what’s wrong with this photo

  1. I love that you’d never see women in a Priesthood meeting, but two members of the bishopric can stop in any time to check out Relief Society.

  2. And they have two men..why? Because the men are restricted from being with women “alone”..they might be tempted or trapped by lust or might be accused of “taking advantage” of them…what’s odd is how much that is like Islam.

  3. You know it was RS though since there is a table cloth and blocks with letters on the table, as well as notebooks for taking roll and passing out information and announcements. I wonder if the Bishopbric signed up to have the missionaries over for dinner.

  4. The other less charitable thought I had when I looked at this was, did they make all the “little old ladies” stay home from church, or just all sit behind the bishopbric?

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