Sunday in Outer Blogness: Rape Edition!

A US congressman claimed that pregnancy from rape is really rare because “If its a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” And pretty much the whole Internet was quick to respond. Most responses were serious (or semi-serious) discussions of rape (including personal stories), but there were also jokes about the gaffe. It should be interesting when the Republicans visit Tampa.

I’m not surprised that women face challenges in the church, but secular communities aren’t as welcoming as they could be. One proposed solution is a new movement: “atheism plus.” Meanwhile Richard Dawkins was interviewed in Playboy (but he’ll be forgiven for that once he’s baptized (post-mortem)).

In other Mormon discussions, NBC did a piece on Mormons that got mixed reviews. Mithryn has reviewed some real-life Mormon stuff — and have a look at where Mormonism isn’t growing. Let’s compare Mitt’s charitable donations with secular charitable donations. William Kempton psychoanalyzed Joseph Smith.

Now, some philosophy and theology! Andrew tackled the question What is faith? (following up on an earlier discussion — Andrew has added some new insights that I want to think about). He’s also got an interesting discussion of religion and morality. Can intersex Mormons get married in the temple? mdthomas analyzed the logic of 2 Nephi 2. Jared C explained a key difference between Mormon and Evangelical beliefs. And Dad’s Primal Scream takes a critical look at porn.

There were a lot of interesting personal stories this past week, including memories of passing the sacrament and attending the temple. Poignant tales of loss — and a close call. Falling out of love and trying to relate. Remember to cherish the beauty of the peaceful moments of life:

To stroll with my kids through a tiny, quaint village settled in the early 1800s that we call home. To not be bothered to negotiate sidewalk space with a hustling, bustling, faceless crowd or to not be assaulted by an endless stretch of identical suburban homes. To say hello to an assortment of animal friends each mystical morning. To breathe in fresh air and watch thunderstorms whip the valley into an exuberant frenzy from the comfortable safety of our big, old porch. It’s a contentment unlike any I’ve known, ever.


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3 Responses

  1. Ren says:

    I blogged about the church and intersexed people recently. It’s another area where rigid black and white mentality doesnt work well.

    2 Nephi 2… Interesting stuff.

  2. chanson says:

    Ah, yes, a very interesting piece. I’m sorry I missed it with all of my travels. I’m also sorry I missed seeing you in Minnesota this time around. I had planned with J G-W to see you, but after all the wild fun ‘n stress of Sunstone, I ended up spending my last week in MN kind of just vegetating.

  3. Ren says:

    Girrrllll, this summer has been crazy busy. Was it stiflingly hot when you were here? We’ve gotten a small reprieve this month. Trees are even starting to turn just a weeee bit. Ahhh, autumn.

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