Better to laugh at yourself, or someone else?

I was talking to a friend, who stopped by to visit and see how I was doing. We got to talking about some of our favorite blog posts.

We came up with a list of things that we thought make for memorable posts. I will do posts over the next several weeks that look at the different elements that we came up with, but the first one seemed the easiest and best place to start.


Generally we thought that a blogger finding humor intheir own life is, almost always, better than jokes at the expense of others. My recent post Laugh At Me was what started the conversation about what made a good post. I challenged her to find two other good links, and I would come up with at least one other, so we could share posts that we felt were funny, and that we thought were a good representation of humor that wasn’t disrespectful.

(We are both Cake Wrecks addicts, so we decided that for sharing ideas, we wouldn’t just go find our favorite posts there.If you have never been to Cake Wrecks, you really should check it out.

You can see my original “Laugh AtMe” postit here:

This post has it’s own humor, but combined with the comments, it made milk come out of my friend’s nose. I thought that it was funny, but not quite that funny. Thank you Paul, for bringing us a new quote to confuse people with!

Lori’s blog is full of highs and lows! She is a military wife, and her husband is deployed, again. They almost lost their house in the Colorado forest fires, and were evacuated from their house less than a week before they were supposed to be moving. Her husband did get to have a short leave, to come home and help the family with moving, before he went back to Afghanistan. This post was in the middle of all that stress, her husband had just gotten back for his short leave, and they were moving their family, although not all of their stuff yet, to their new home. For all the stress, Lori is often able to find humor in the middle of chaos. This is one of those posts!

The last one is kind of cheating. EVERYTHING on this blog is funny. We are both active, believing, thinking and skepticalmembers of the LDS church. So we get the “inside jokes” and are open-minded enough tofind laughter instead of defense.offense. We couldn’t decide onsingle favorite post, so we agreed that we would simply let you read through the blog, and then you can leave a comment with your vote, for your favorite piece of advice, that you glean from

What other blog posts or blogs make you laugh everytime?





I live in Oregon. I love to hike and backpack! I write poetry, some good, some horrendous. I like to meet new people, and get new perspectives, online and in the real world. A number of my "online friends" have become "real life" friends too. I have no great artistic skills, mostly I love to write whther it is poems, personal essays, non-fiction science or health essays, and reviews. I love to write and send cards, which I make myself, with a little help from my sticker friends. Too often we only get bills, political fliers and junk mail advertising when we open up the mailbox. I want to spread the joy of getting something addressed to you, written by a real person, who is thinking of you when they write it. I do a Sunday review of blogs on my personal website, so if you want to have your personal website reviewed, stop by my website and leave me a comment with your blog's info.

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