Sunday in Outer Blogness: Women’s Day Edition!!

So, the CoJCoL-dS managed to make it through a whole week without generating a new scandal!! Here’s the latest on the earlier two:

In unwanted proxy baptisms, the CoJCoL-dS has solved the problem by keeping people from searching the database. So now, even if you have a legitimate reason to check the status of Elvis’s temple work, you can’t!

In the Professor Bott fiasco, Dave Banack posted an amusing scorecard in which the LDS PR department wins and the BYU Religion department loses (naturally — now that the LDS Newsroom is the new mouthpiece of the Lord — even Mitt Romney defers to them — and has used this authority to denounce incompetence in the BYU religion department). And the CoJCoL-dS itself also wins for deftly deflecting the taint of its racist doctrines. The faithful are left viewing the church as a crazy uncle:

The church is like your crazy uncle, you love him, but boy do you hate it when he gets drunk and drives through the town shouting obscenities at children and kittens. You cant defend his behavior, but you dont want to abandon him either.

Some people are celebrating International Women’s Day with fabulous fantasies for the church!! Others by turning women’s bodies into a battleground!! Rush Limbaugh made an ass of himself, then offered a not-pology for his particular word choice — even though the fact that he said “slut” was the least of the problems with his offensive tirade. Predictably, people then made the usual mistake of confusing criticism with an attack on free speech. Has the GOP jumped the shark? On the other side of the aisle, why aren’t more people concerned about this?

Meanwhile, some guys contemplate their straightness and experiences with gay people. Dad’s Primal Scream doubts that Kirk Cameron actually has gay friends.

In personal stories: Prairie Nymph recounts speaking in tongues!! Invictus Pilgrim now writes a journal for himself, not for use as future scriptures. Ardis helps an exmo connect with his family history. People don’t like sitting through all three hours of LDS church meetings. The church can encourage you to embarrass yourself. Was your Mormon experience like this?

The world inside of Mormonism was shallow and small… Ill-fitting like a sweater that had shrunk too much and chokes you at the neck every time you twist or turn in a funny way… Yep Mormonism was a choky sweater… Scratchy too.

In discussion topics: Raising girls to be strong. Interesting discussions in blog comments. Catholic funerals have something in common with Mormon funerals. How important is food storage? Andrew discovers that Mormons don’t like their religion to be seen as a hobby. In other news, the faithful love boundary maintenance. Believers and apostates anaylze each other.

And let’s close with a random thought/image: How would you like to be a member of this family?

Have a great week!!!


C. L. Hanson is the friendly Swiss-French-American ExMormon atheist mom living in Switzerland! Follow me on mastadon at or see "letters from a broad" for further adventures!!

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  1. March 12, 2012

    […] no foundation, no comfort. But Kiley provided a different look at the Mormonism sweater approach (HT to chanson from the latest Sunday in Outer Blogness for bringing this to my attention): Having time to dwell on it a bit over the last few days I feel like I have recaptured it. My […]

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