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Ben McAdamsAnd Eric Ethington is my kind of activist.

From PRIDE in Utah:

Utah Non-Discrimination Ordinances Denied Even A Committee Hearing

Senate Bill 148, which would provide housing and workplace protections against discrimination for sexual orientation or gender identity has been denied a committee hearing. The bill sits in the Rules Committee, and chairwoman Sen Margaret Dayton (R) says its unnecessary to hear the bill.

Senator Ben McAdams introduced the legislation several weeks ago, but since then Republicans and Conservatives have lined up against it, despite the clear desire of both their constituents and their religion.

Two different state-wide surveys have shown that 70% of the residents in Utah are in favor of allowing people to work in their jobs and live in their homes without fear of being fired or evicted for reasons that have no bearing on job or rent performance. Even the Mormon Church has come forward and said that these protections are fair and should be passed state-wide.

And yet Republicans in Utah still refuse to even listen to the bill, much less vote for it … Equality Utah points out that there are still 13 days left in the session for something to happen. But at this point there is not much hope of the bill advancing.

Let’s show Eric some love. He’s earned it.

If only it were that easy to help Ben McAdams with the hard work he’s doing.

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Update: On Monday, Ben will make a motion on the Senate Floor to let SB 148 out of Rules. If you live in Utah, please consider calling your state senator and asking him/her to support the Fair Workplace and Housing bill. Otherwise, email addresses can be found here:

4 thoughts on “Ben McAdams is my kind of Mormon

  1. The Church supported those SLC ordinances, but I don’t think it has campaigned within its membership to explain this support. That kinda makes it look like a PR tactic, but I’m glad some Mormons like McAdams can stand above the fray and understand that being a representative of every Utahn means more than jumping on the ol’ “slippery slope” bandwagon.

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