I deeply regret for driving my friends at By Common Consent into a corner. I relied solely on logic when I should have been kind. I also regret suspecting the wrong people of ending the discussion.

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4 Responses

  1. chanson says:

    Hellmut, that is very big of you.

    It’s also a little bit cryptic, especially that last bit. It is my deepest hope that we don’t start a new fight while trying to figure out who/what you’re talking about. 😉

  2. wry says:

    I regret all the regrets. Regrets suck. I understand remorse, but I hope you are feeling better now. <3

  3. Hellmut says:

    Thank you, Wry! I heart you back.

  4. Hellmut says:

    Thank you for the suggestion, Chanson. If I could figure out what to do about it, I would but right now, I am at a loss.

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