Hi, my name is Jessica and I’m a Mormon.

Disturbing video of a Mormon mother and LDS Stake Primary President abusing her adopted son:

Families are forever? Let’s hope not all of them are.

Why are so many Mormons so angry and abusive?

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Chino Blanco

--- We are men of action, lies do not become us. ---

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  1. wayne says:

    I do studies on parent child relationships–all of the footage I review of parents and child interactions are filmed with the parents knowledge and consent. Most parents tend to put on a show, they won’t discipline how they normally would with experimenters present; I have seen parents who are worse. Also, as a parent I have to sympathize with her, raising a kids is difficult.

  2. profxm says:

    Raising kids is difficult. I have a 2 year-old who is very high energy. But I would never do what she did. Hot sauce?!? Cold showers?!?

    Yeah, that was over-the-top.

  3. wayne says:

    There is no doubt the hot sauce is OT, however, what jumped out at me were these aspects of the video.
    1. she criticizes his behavior, and does not resort to calling him names such as stupid or ignorant.
    2. he submits to the punishment
    3. he admits that he was wrong.
    4. She makes it pretty clear that the punishment is for one thing.
    As for her being a bad parent, we see this one clip with him but don’t see how she is with him all the time, not enough to go on.
    This is an example of old school behavior management– probably her using this technique is because of bad advice from a counselor or psychologist who has not been clued in to more appropriate methods.
    My older son lied a lot about all kinds of things–generally it meant doing some job around the house that he hated and removing his video game privileges.
    Lest I forget the point of this being posted. Yes Mormons are human too, they Fuck up just like the rest of us!

  4. I don’t condone my children lying, but it is part of childhood development. I used to lie like there was no tomorrow because it won me friends and got me out of trouble, and yet I’ve grown up to be the honest person I am today. So I don’t act as though it was a personal attack when my child lies to me.

    My criticisms of her behavior in this video is that she has lost perspective and has obviously lost control of her own emotions. Her words say this is a punishment for a behavior. Everything else says that she is acting out of frustration, hurt pride, and a desire to control her child. Also, the hot sauce and cold showers are unusual corporal punishments. I’m not comfortable with inflicting pain whether it’s through spanking or her methods.

    However, I can still sympathize with her. I’ve certainly felt something like that before.

  5. kuri says:

    If a child knows he will be harshly punished for telling the truth, he will lie every time. He’d be stupid not to. He’ll get away with it sometimes, and he’ll at least delay the punishment many other times.

  6. James Gough says:

    I cannot understand why this woman adopted a child, and then goes on to abuse him. There is absolutely no excuse for abuse, mental or physical. What is the adoption agency’s position on this abuse, and it’s vetting of potential adopters?
    I get sick looking at the abuse.

    James, Dublin Ireland.

  7. James Gough says:

    Wyane: #51 No one demanded that you father a child. However, it is your responsibility having father a humane being to cherish and nurture this person. This does not include torture, or abuse. You may well want to take a deeper look into your parental abilities, and perhaps get assistance from a professional. To even consider some mitigation for this woman’s behavior, leaves me to seriously question your judgement, particularly, when you say you study parent child relationships!

  8. memento says:

    lying is bad but abusing a child is ok? this woman should have been shot straight in the head for her abusing and stupid religion.

  9. chanson says:

    She should not be “shot straight in the head,” she should face a court of law, which she did. Further violence is not going to solve anything.

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