13 thoughts on ““Up in the Air” rocks, but winning “X-Mormon of the Year” rules.

  1. Sorry about the masthead issue. I was sent a new masthead and tried to get it working, but apparently the file was corrupt. I tested it on Google Chrome, and Chrome rendered it despite it being corrupt. Firefox didn’t. So, until I get a non-corrupted version back, the old masthead is back.

  2. Did Walter Kirn abandon us once he was covered in glory from his award? Where’s the acceptance speech?

  3. Seems like he’s pretty busy giving interviews since winning the USC Libraries Scripter Award. If we don’t hear anything soon, I’ll go ahead and write up the press release.

  4. I am a year late, but I just finished the book and it was great.

    Well written with a fresh perspective- my only beef is with the ending, which is undoubtedly intended as ironic.

    I highly recommend the book to all former mormons, or people who appreciate character development OR, most importantly, anyone who has had to sit through any business motivational speeches or training.

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