Sunday in Outer Blogness: Spirit of Contention Edition!

Sunday in Outer Blogness

After last week‘s quiet contemplation of thy neighbor, this week Outer Blogness has been itchin’ to pick a fight! The Gay Dot says it all, in Wanna fight?! And if that’s not enough to get tempers flaring, it looks like Klaus Baer called Hugh Nibley a “crackpot”!

Here’s a little of what set us on edge this week: birthers and others for whom evidence doesn’t matter such as Kirk Cameron and Palin’s ignorant masses.

And what’s a good fight without getting the feminists involved? Representing the angry feminist we have Holly and representing the angry-at-feminists side we have Michelle.

Even a topic as lite as Thanksgiving is fight-fodder this week, as one Thanksgiving Humbug decided to put up a post hatin’ on this innocent little holiday. Also, there was some harsh criticism of Wall-Mart’s Black Friday celebration, plus fMh Lisa arguing against consumerism. On the pro-Thanksgiving-weekend-tradition side, we have JulieAnn’s (backhanded) gratitude for the Mormon Church, Sarah Palin’s Thanksgiving wishes, and a festive apple pie recipe!

Can we all get along? It’s not clear. Andrew and Madame Curie debate the possibility of compromise. Steve P. stirred up 199 replies worth of hornets’ nest by disputing ID’s “God of the gaps”. At least Clay psyched himself up for trying to get along with family this Thanksgiving — hope it went well!

Whew! Now that we’ve got all that out in the open…. uh… Happy Holidays?


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