Bordeaux Mission wrap up!


Really enjoyed these latest chapters. As an atheist with LDS friends, it’s a fascinating (and a little scary) look into the Mormon mission world. I’m also impressed with your ability to empathize with and accurately characterize a teenage male’s sexual drive!

I went back and read the whole thing together in one sitting. I like how you show Elder Hobbs’ inner dilemmas. This last part ranks as my favorite in this whole series.

Of course Spencer is going on a date with Tanya to reconvert her to the gospel. He’s totally not rationalizing his deep desire to bone her. Nope. Not at all… […] I just loved that particular passage because you so perfectly captured the process of rationalization.

I just finished reading through several chapters of this book, and they are really funny (and kinda disturbing at the same time)!

I especially liked the illustration of the difficulty of having any sort of conversation while juggling toddlers. It really strikes home =)

I hope you enjoyed Bordeaux Mission — a novella we’ve been serializing here over the past two months. The above are some of the comments posted by readers (and, of course, you can read the earlier reviews here).

If you haven’t read it yet, it’s all there! (Well, except the “Easter Egg” I might link to later…) It’s just four short chapters that you could probably read in one sitting:

  1. The last P-day of my mission
  2. Not some dorkaziod missionaries!
  3. Even if the church is perfect, the people aren’t
  4. It’s not that simple


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