5 thoughts on “A great missionary memoir in the New York Times Modern Love Column!

  1. My guess is that this good sister’s plight was probably exacerbated by the realities of serving (i.e., living) in Asia.

    I’m a fairly standard-issue American male and can count the number of times I’ve shed tears on one hand. One was when I returned home from Brazil and realized how cold and uncommunicative the people of my country of birth suddenly seemed to me. The other was after about six months into my first stay in Taiwan. I love my life here, but it is a much less expressive culture than even that of the US. Adapting takes time and, unlike the easy adaptation to the greater warmth of a Latin culture, finding one’s place in a colder society like Taiwan’s can often feel like compromising one’s humanity.

    Thank God for my Taiwanese wife, her intellectual curiosity, and her dedication to living a polyglot lifestyle.

  2. The coldness of that relationship where someone who “loved her best” would only allow her to touch his sleeve when he clearly knew she was in real distress is stunning!

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