Even if the church is perfect, the people aren’t

Elder Beaverton and I didn’t say anything as we walked northeast along the side of the Jardin Public. When we got to the corner, I suggested that we turn northwest and continue going around the park. I knew that the girls were still inside. I couldn’t help but feel like if Elder Dickhead was going to label me a troublemaker anyway, it didn’t really matter if I broke the rules a little or not.

As we approached another entrance to the Jardin Public, I turned to Elder Beaverton and said “It was very rude the way we left like that. We should at least go back and apologize to those girls and say goodbye to them properly before we go back to tracting.”

“No, Elder Hobbs, don’t do it. You’re just going to get us into more trouble.”

“You were fellowshipping them, weren’t you? Read the rest of the story


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