Sunday in Outer Blogness: Conference Edition!

Sorry about missing last week, folks! We spent the weekend in Boston (as you can see from the photographic evidence here and here), and I meant to get back in time to do my usual weekend roundup, but didn’t. Fortunately, it was conference weekend, so I didn’t miss much, and — doubly fortunately — USU SHAFT provided this helpful synopsis for people like me who didn’t have time to watch the whole conference. (If you want a little more detail, see third-wave Mormon’s live blogging posts.)

It seemed like this general conference attracted more discussion than usual. For example, Andrew has been doing a series of essays analyzing different talks. Elder Holland’s talk was a favorite, judging from Equality’s review and Sagainst’s impressions. Elder Oaks’s talk was also a contender, see MoHoHawaii’s discussion.

If you’d like to hear about a more interesting conference instead, there was also a JWHA conference, covered here, here, here, and here. There was also the Exmormon Foundation conference, which included the premiere of the documentary film In the Shadow of the Temple. (I would like to have seen it, but, naturally I couldn’t make it — if anyone here attended and is planning to post a review, I’d be very curious…)

I hardly know what to make of the latest antics of the far right culture warriors. It’s like they jumped that shark long ago and just kept right on going. Naturally, I’m talking about this fabulous work of art. Then they decided the needed to correct the Bible because it was too full of liberal teachings. It’s sadly gotten to the point where folks like Slacktivist can’t even make fun of them anymore, and are reduced to writing philosophical treatises on the meaning of satire.

Speaking of art, you may want to participate in the 18 hour comic day! It looks like G has some amazing stuff planned, just meet Eve! Sean too, in all you need is love!

Also, don’t miss the Evangelicals’ ideas on how to fellowship LDS missionaries. Here’s my entry! 😉

And in closing, everyone congratulate Zelph on receiving that final letter from LDS Inc.!


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8 Responses

  1. Heh. My husband served in the Bordeax mission 2000-2002, chanson. Thanks for the link.

  2. chanson says:

    Jack — What a funny coincidence!

    At that time, there was a mission office right near the Place des Quinconces (it I recall correctly, it was on rue Blanc-Dutrouilh) — about a block away from my apartment. If he worked out of that office, I probably saw him and passed him on the street.

  3. I can gladly say that this is the first GC since my defection that I haven’t bothered to get angsty about. It’s a relief to be able to mentally leave the semiannual LDS reactionary circle jerk behind.

  4. OK, maybe that sounded a bit angsty. Maybe next time.

  5. chanson says:

    lol. You’ll get there. 😉

  6. Andrew S says:

    I can say that this is the first GC that I really got something out of the talks.

    I think that leaving the church has made me a better Mormon than I ever was?

    …wait, what?

  7. chanson says:

    I think that leaving the church has made me a better Mormon than I ever was?

    lol, I think it depends on your definition of what makes a Mormon “better”.

    I don’t recall that you’ve received an official calling to be interpreting those talks, and yet your commentary contained an awful lot of your own original ideas, analysis, and even criticism. Sounds more like what one of those dangerous “so-called intellectuals” would do. 😉

    For me, I’d agree that makes a better Mormon, but when it comes time to separate the sheep from the goats, it’s not clear you qualify as a sheep…

  8. Andrew S says:

    I should say more attentive Mormon. Minus the “attending all church meetings,” I most certain pay attention to the GAs words now (especially when they say things like, “the backlash against Mormons after prop 8 is like the backlash against blacks in the Civil Rights era…”)

    But you’re right…so many original ideas and criticism won’t do!

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