Not Adam and Steve

Check out this YouTube clip:

Random thoughts after an initial look at this ad:

1) Weren’t Adam and Eve supposed to be nekkid in Eden?
2) Jesus did not approve this message.
3) It will convince many in Washington that its creators truly are Zoids from planet Dork.

But the most important thing about this ad?

Where have we seen that Adam and Eve before? Oh, right:

Artist, Lowell Bruce Bennett.

Artwork 2002 Intellectual Reserve, Inc. (a.k.a. the Mormon church).

Hey, Mormons, it’s not even a marriage contest! Referendum 71 is about domestic partnerships.

h/t abraxas_bear

Chino Blanco

--- We are men of action, lies do not become us. ---

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17 Responses

  1. LdChino says:

    The latest No on 1 ad has just been released. In order to understand the context, here it is sandwiched between the attack ad that prompted it and some local Maine coverage discussing the competing claims:

    1) Yes on 1: Safe Schools –

    2) No on 1 response: Go read the book –

    3) Local TV report:

  2. I guess we know that they were lying when the LDS members said in the CA fight that it was about “marriage” and not legal equality.

  3. LdChino says:

    Laughin’ off the lies comin’ out of WA:

  4. visitor says:

    How do these insane literalists deal with the second generation? Was Eve boinking her sons? Was Adam doing the daughters? Or were the sons going at their sisters? Should we all, therefore, consider incest a Holy Writ designed by Heavenly Father? After all, he could have at least created a few couples but he left two people to populate the earth and they would have all died off in the second generation if there hadn’t been some deeply incestual action for at least a few generations.

  5. Christian says:

    I could be mistaken, but I believe the Church also bought the Carl Bloch Sermon on the Mount image when they bought up a number of his works some years ago.

  6. chanson says:

    How do these insane literalists deal with the second generation? Was Eve boinking her sons?

    If you don’t understand Bible-based marriage, just have a look at this simple video that explains it.

  7. visitor says:


  8. Sabayon says:

    So did god also invent feathered hair? I think that’s the real terrifying question this ad poses.

    Also, while its possible they are just not wasting their advertising budget on the greater Sodom Metro area (aka Seattle), I have never actually seen this ad on actual TV, and ballots are mailed out next week so this is the time to start.

  9. LdChino says:

    Well, speaking of advertising budgets …

    While I was working through the latest local Maine TV news segments discussing Question One, I noticed that I was seeing ads for the LDS church. I suspect someone in LDSPA deemed the Q1 contest a good chance for a targeted buy.

    Here are the news segments. I’d be curious to hear if you’re seeing the same Mormon ads:

    The ad was for a “Finding Happiness” DVD.

  10. Troy says:

    Where does it say it was made by Intellectual Reserve, Inc.? I want to be able to prove that this has real connections to the Church.

  11. chanson says:

    Troy — It’s on the page that Chino linked to above.

  12. Troy says:

    Uh, I don’t even see the link… Just a bunch of video links. And nowhere do they say “brought to you by Intellectual Reserve, Inc.”, etc.

  13. LdChino says:

    Ugh, sorry for the ugly link. In any case, please click on that link and then click on the Adam and Eve image on that page that appears above the words: “Click to View Larger Format”

    That larger standalone image also bears a copyright.

  14. Hellmut says:

    I choose to believe that those Baptists stole our images without permission.

  15. Maikon says:

    JosieHi AnneI am a convert of amslot five years and was 53 when I did convert. I am a single parent of three children, two boys and a girl and only my daughter converted with me. My sons have, over the few years I have been a member, gone from being self confessed atheists to having increasing levels of respect for the Gospel and this would not have happened had I not converted. When you accept the fulness of the Gospel into your life the Light that is in you will influence those around you. There are many of our members in the situation that you would be in. Our Relief Society president is married to a non member, who while not a believer is fully supportive of her choices; I hold a calling as a Young Women President and one of my counsellors is married to a non member very successfully, as are a few other both sisters and brothers in our Ward. Would you husband be supportive of your choice to convert? While your husband might not be ready to convert now he may well be in the future especially with the example that you set him.I sense that you know that this is the right thing to do and that the Lord is showing you the way you should go. If so, accept His invitation with both hands and pray for your husband’s heart to soften so that he too can be part of your amazing journey in time.

  16. chanson says:

    Note: I have just received a series of comments (such as the above) that seem maybe Mormonism-related, yet not quite relevant to the post they’re posted under. Are they spam? Thoughts?

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