Sunday in Outer Blogness: follow-up discussion edition!

I’m sorry if the title doesn’t sound too enticing, but the thing that stood out in this week’s batch of posts was the web of discussion in blogspace, where topics started on one blog were continued on another and/or people have started new discussions on things we’ve been talking about here! For example, Holly decided to re-take the temple recommend interview — inspired by Gunner and Jonathan — and has given new meaning to the word “post-Mormon” in response to Andrew’s post on Mormon identity.

In other discussions, we all remember who Helen Andelin was (if not, review here). Well, it turns out that she also wrote a book called The Fascinating Girl, and the ladies of Blog Segullah have shared their fascinating real-life experiences with it. And who could forget Andrew’s favorite scripture from Alma 32? Brailsmt has shared some personal experiences wrestling with the same passage. And Cinepro asks “which is more dangerous: being the weird, unliked, persecuted cult, or the big, popular, respected religion?” (which I could swear we’ve discussed here, but I can’t find any links at the moment).

In the department of satire so subtle that people thought it was real, Runtu posted Monson’s latest commandment, and reactions to it. BCC did the same thing (I think — I’m still not totally sure whether it is satire or not), making Chris Smith’s court case satire (from many moons ago) look crystal clear by comparison. And, in the spirit of Sideon’s taking bets on when Michael Jackson will be posthumously baptized, the Swearing Elders ask the same thing for Ted Kennedy.

Flygirl has posted some challenging questions about feminism and dating that deserve some follow-up discussion (sorry, I have to tie this in with my weekly theme somehow 😉 ).

Lastly — as a follow-up to the discussion that looks like it will never end — please, just listen to Superman.

Now, on to announcements. The makers of the documentary “In the Shadow of the Temple” have posted their list of screenings, including the Astoria Film Festival. Also Greenish-Blue has been featured in an episode of Irreligiosophy, and Daniel Midgley has been appearing (so to speak) in a series of radio broadcasts in Perth.


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