Sunday in Outer Blogness: Obscure Rules Edition!

Here’s something I didn’t know: [ libert, egalit, trivialit ] also has an Overheard in SLC blog, with a special edition on the polygamist rally. This fascinating window on a different culture let to a detailed explanation of the rules of the polygamist pouf. Apparently, hairspray (lots of it) is A-OK, but perming and dying are right out. And if that sounds pretty random, note that Michael had some guests at his Inn who

could check out of their room by 11:00, but they couldn’t actually leave the hotel. In fact, they couldn’t carry their bags to the car, but could walk the longer walk to the lobby. So could they leave their bags behind the front desk and then wait in the front room all day until it got dark at about 9:00 Saturday night

Random rules, like “using a highly inconsistent and controversial rating system by the MPAA as part of their moral guide book.” Or rules that aren’t always a good idea, like the have kids young thing. If you criticize them, you risk getting criticized right back for (supposedly) being negative. And then getting mired in a tragic interfaith dispute. (In that one, BTW, I agree with Geoff B.’s point that theists and atheists should cooperate on political issues — the problem with Mormon/Evangelical political alliance isn’t that they hate each other, it’s that if you’re a religious minority fighting to legislate for religious-based discrimination, then you shouldn’t sit around wondering how/why you got reamed in the deal.) See also Runtu’s take for more on Mormon politics and the new Pew Study.

And speaking of religious discrimination, Outer Blogness was full of commentary on the police video of the Main Street Plaza gay kiss. See here, here, here, here, here, plus Austin Cline’s related piece on police abuse of authority.

Wow, enough of the heavy stuff! OK, well, one last chunk: Andrew deconstructs Mormonism, Modernism, and Postmodernism, and the Sunstone Symposium needs money.

Now, on to fashion!!! Sabayon is making herself a fantastic vintage-style jacket, and Louise is buying herself some pregnant stripper shoes! And Tom, who is known for sensual body pix of men, has taken some gorgeous (NSFW) photos of a woman who knows and loves her body. Not to be outdone, Allison posted an adorable photo of a frog. (That’s a little more my photography speed, as you can see from my frog photos.)

And, let’s close on a quick chuckle. And have a beautiful Sunday and a great week! 😀


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3 Responses

  1. Hi blogoheads,

    I love reading these Sunday posts. It’s a nice summary of some of the neat stuff you are all writing out there.

    But I am disappointed and puzzled by one site specifically in the blogroll: By Common Consent.

    For starters, they do not display our blog roll anywhere on their site (that I can see).

    Most importantly, they seem to be critical of opposing views, as displayed on a recent post by Margaret Young titled For My Son on his 18th Birthday.

    I read this post and pointed to a respectful criticism of it on Living With Mormons and left a short comment on BCC with a link to my piece for anyone interested.

    Lo and behold, this morning my comment is gone and all comments are closed on the post.
    It seemed really strange to me that all comments were positive and in line with the writers point of view, but now I understand why.

    In the event that I may be sounding a little whinny, I apologize, but I think it’s important that we focus on supporting sites and blogs that foster an open dialogue from both sides of an argument, which is the case on most sites that I have visited here so far.

    I’m really disappointed that a site with so many contributors on a topic that is both relevant and controversial today as is the Mormon church, would so openly censor any opposing views.

  2. chanson says:

    Living With Mormons — Thanks, I’m glad you like my little weekly roundup!

    Regarding BCC: I usually like to include at least one link per week to a blog that’s not part of Outer Blogness, such as a faithful Mormon blog or a blog that has nothing to do with Mormonism. BCC falls into the former category — they’re a Mormon-faith-promoting blog. So they’re not necessarily enthusiastic about getting less-faith-promoting comments.

    That said, I’m surprised they would actually delete your comment and your link to a related post! I was under the impression that — being a “big blog” — they’re willing to have a dialog with the differently-believing. After all, my brother is a permablogger on that blog, and he’s not exactly a believer…

  3. Hi chanson,

    I completely understand your motivation. I actually read a lot of their posts out of curiosity and sometimes self-afflicted pain.

    Anyway, I sent them a nice letter quoting their Info & Contact page where it states:

    BCC is a place of charitable discussion for everyone, including those who are not Mormon. We invite you to read past posts and join in the discussion.

    I doubt I’ll hear back, though.

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