The Tragic Consequences of Legalized Gay Marriage

Yesterday we saw how the GLBT community in SLC has grown stronger in the face of adversity. Well, in today’s news item, we see what has become of Massachusetts. It’s a Mormon’s nightmare of a society, told in the words of “Mike Henkle, a devout Mormon from Provo, Utah”:

Beth and I have been married for almost eighteen years, and weve got three great kids, which, in Mormon terms, means were barren. But give us time. Last week, for a sort of second honeymoon, we loaded the whole family into our Jeep Wagoneer and headed East, to Massachusetts, to visit my brother Steve and his beautiful wife, Jen. I didnt realize at the time that Massachusetts is a state where gay marriage is now legal.

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4 Responses

  1. A wonderful article that illustrates the inevitable consequences of gay marriage. A must-read for anyone who doubts that legalized SSM will mean the end of the world as we know it.


  2. chanson says:

    Yeah, now I know why they’re so afraid. lol.

  3. Sabayon says:

    Well, I appreciate the satire, but the author really should have done five minutes worth of research to establish what an actual Mormon service is like, to whit that there are neither collection plated nor ministers. Now any Mormon reviewer could just say the author was stereotyping and knew nothing about Mormons and damned if they wouldn’t be right. I call sloppy journalism.

  4. chanson says:

    Sabayon — That’s so true. The weird part is that I’ve read articles in The New Yorker about how picky the fact-checkers of The New Yorker are. I realize it’s a humor piece, but they could have found at least one person who knows something about Mormonism to read it over once!

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