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Oops, looks like BYU’s Daily Universe made a little boo-boo in the caption, upgrading the Quorum of the twelve to “apostate” status. Hat tip Miguel. BYU News Net explains the error here.

9 thoughts on “Daily Universe FAIL

  1. lol, good point! 😉

    The article is pretty funny too. I can’t tell if these folks are kidding or not:

    Hillary Miller, a media arts major from Arcadia, Calif., was concerned about the situation. “I hope someone isn’t just fooling around,” she said. “It would be sad if someone was trying to do harm to our church.”

    Sorry, a spelling error in a photo caption can “harm your church”? Wha…?

  2. My favourite quote was,

    We are reprinting the paper and we will have the corrected version back on the racks by mid-afternoon,” Rawlins said. “This shows the deep concern we have on the matter. We don’t think this error is glib or cute or humorous. We understand people will take offense to the error. We ourselves are offended as a department for this error. We have a deep regret that it appeared in today’s paper.


    Some people have no sense of humour.

  3. Can’t wait to see what the Student Review does with this. Should be a hoot.

    I’m guessing a crossword puzzle in which all the correct answers are all ungodly typos of the apostle/apostate variety.

  4. Craig — Wow, that is too funny! “We ourselves are offended as a department for this error.” They can’t be serious! Folks, it’s a typo! lol

    Chino — lol, does the Student Review still exist?

  5. Christopher — I don’t doubt it! 😀

    Chino — So true! Actually, I’m on the SR alums mailing list, and they’re making jokes about possible alternate quorums (quora?), eg. the Quorum of the Twelve Pastas, etc. 😉

  6. “We don’t think this error is glib or cute or humorous.”

    I do. (Think it’s cute and humorous, I mean. I don’t know where that “glib” came from.)

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