11 thoughts on “So, what else is new?

  1. I used to see similar protesters on South Beach all the time. There were lots of them during the SuperBowl in 2007. However, I don’t remember ever seeing Mormons & Sports Nuts listed. That is hilarious.

  2. I know — if you follow the link, the same site has a photo of a sign which includes “good people” among those who need to watch out for judgment. Makes you go wha…?

    But I’m pretty sure I’ve seen both “Mormons” and “Sports Nuts” on these things before, at least on the Internet…

  3. ’cause those guys are really scary. Like the color change for the homos.

    Either that or these protesters have no design sense. That’s what they get for ostracizing the homos…

  4. Whoever is holding on to that sign is living a pretty sad life. I am feeling sorry for him.

    At the same time, I am glad that our laws protect his freedom of speech.

  5. Well, I think the Mormons would be glad that they aren’t even considered Jesus Mockers; we’re so special we get our own name.

    Maybe we want to suggest that we mock the same Jesus everyone else mocks!

  6. Hellmut — exactly!

    Andrew — I always feel special when Mormons get a separate listing on these sorts of signs. Why give that up just to mock the same Jesus as everybody else? 😉

  7. It’s also interesting that mormons are singled out – as opposed to other religions in this country who are not seen as mainstream (JW, scientology, etc.). I don’t know if mormons should be offended or flattered….

  8. Well, keep in mind that I picked this photo because it was the one where Mormons were mentioned…

    That said, even if you follow the link back to the site, I think it’s true that J.W.s and Scientologists aren’t mentioned — yet “fake Christians” and “good people” are. The weird “good people” was interpreted in the comments as meaning Christians who believe in salvation by works (not grace), so I think your general idea is right — Mormons are singled out over other groups because they’re (supposedly) pretending to be Christian (but aren’t)…

  9. I wonder if the effects of judgment are additive if you fit multiple categories of those who are GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL.

    That sign is a lawler. Is it real?

  10. Yeah, I’m sure if you’re a Porno Freak and a Mormon and a Sports Nut, then you go to hell for three times as long. 😉

    I assume it’s real. If you follow the link back to the original site, there are others that are even funnier, and it appears to be a real person’s blog…

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