Overlapping Cultural Mormon Perspectives

Faithful Mormons often imagine that those commenting on Mormonism from outside their circle form one monolithic block of “antis”. Mormon culture encourages this view, so people are often surprised when they read the discussion on the Internet and find that the people who disbelieve Mormonism occasionally agree with the Mormons more than they agree with each other. But, really, is it any wonder?

Here’s a little Venn diagram I drew up, based on my experience with LDS-interest discussion on the Internet:

Mormon Perspectives


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10 Responses

  1. Andrew S says:

    I was reading an entry from the Liberal Mormon That Could (it seems…be rather faithful and not New Order-ish)…and even though I think she stretched out her concerns, when she talks about culture vs. tradition vs. doctrine, I think she very neatly fits into the yellow, white, and magenta overlaps of a faithful mormon…so isn’t that interesting?

    I think she is a little too charitable, but at least, for example, she seems uncertain about the claim “When the Brethren have spoken, the thinking is done.” So…that’s a similar question to: “What is right?” in “do what is right, let the consequences follow.”

  2. Matt says:

    Yum. Glad you included Outer Blogness as the background shade that makes the colors and the text stand out so sharply. We are beneath all, around all, within all. 😉

  3. Hellmut says:

    Great graphic, Chanson. I would not fit on this graph because Mormon principles led me right out of the Mormon Church. Desiring to live the gospel principles, unfortunately, I cannot be part of any efforts to reenact Galileo Galilei during our life time.

    In my experience, the white core “do what is right” no longer overlaps with the faithful red domain.

  4. Andrew S says:

    But I think that’s exactly why we have a non-religious Cultural Mormon track.

    You can leave the church, which is just a small part of the culture, but you can’t say goodbye to a lifetime.

    And I look at the overlapping sections at having two parts: underneath the underscore is the question that allows people to break from TBM positions. Everyone wants to “do what is right and let the consequences follow” — but the underlying question is: what is right? And then if you also apply to the overlap between nonreligious cultural mormon and an other faith believer, you can realize, “Well, I don’t agree with the church…but are any other churches better?”

  5. chanson says:

    Andrew — Very interesting link! It’s true that what she’s saying fits in that circle.

    Matt — lol, I didn’t really mean for the black to be Outer Blogness, but I guess that’s a possible interpretation. 😉

    Hellmut — Andrew’s right about the interpretation of the diagram. It was your principles that led you out of the Mormon Church, but others believe they’re doing what’s right by staying in. I’m not granting that those who “follow the prophet” are doing what is right, but I will grant that they believe that they’re doing what is right.

    All three groups agree on the statement above the line (that you should do what is right), but disagree on the answer to the question below the line: what is right?

  6. Hellmut says:

    That would mean that your graphic is not a venn diagram. Is that right?

    In a venn diagram, you would have to be a member of all three domains to be in the white intersection.

  7. chanson says:

    It’s a venn diagram of how the perspectives intersect. So an idea that fits into all three viewpoints goes in the white intersection.

    The lower half of each section indicates points of disagreement, so that part might not really be a venn diagram, unless it’s possible to have a negative venn diagram… 😉

  8. aerin says:

    In the other faith believer – it’s interesting that they wouldn’t have an option to also believe that mormonism was a part of their heritage or family. I’m thinking of someone who has left the mormon faith, joined another faith, but still somehow “claims” mormon heritage or culture. Maybe they like green jello or roadshows or something.

  9. chanson says:

    Aerin — Of course some do. It’s my impression, though, that taking on a new faith identity and especially a new faith community has a strong effect of canceling out one’s emotional/identity connection with Mormonism. Additionally, the Christian “Ministry to Mormons”-type sites tend to have a mix of exmo Christians (many of whom were raised mainstream Christian) along with Christians who have never been Mormon.

    Nonreligious people who discuss Mormonism online are almost exclusively people who have been Mormon and/or have a strong personal/family connection with Mormonism.

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