Proposition 8 and Learning about the Mormons

If you are into Mormon stories, you might enjoy Jodi Mardesich’s essay in Salon. Growing up in a part member family, Jodi had to overcome the resistance of her father to get baptized.

She relates how Mormonism made her feel special as a child, how her boy friend died on his mission and how she took up the baton to finish the task. Jodi explains how she had to learn the discussions in three languages and why she didn’t wonder why the prophet did not assign her to the right mission in the first place.

Readers learn about targeting converts, the numbers game, and how you can study yourself right out of your faith.

Good stuff. A salon editor saw Jodi’s story on her blog. Recognizing her as a Salon contributor, they invited her to republish it in the magazine. I am curious how never-Mos might relate to her story.

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