No On 8

Via Andrew Sullivan. While the Brethren raise millions, I can only give pennies. But nothing leverages money better than love.
That’s why our dollars go farther. Everybody who worked on this ad did it for free. By contrast, our Evangelical opponents are enriching themselves at the expense of their Mormon donors.
If you want to do your bit, please, donate here.

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  1. Chino Blanco says:

    OT – thought maybe you’d want to see this:

    Note the timeline:

    August 8th: Brother Greener says: “Political professionals using confusion and emotion shouldn’t spin this issue [Prop 8].”

    August 9th: Political pro Greener pens an article designed to confuse and scare California voters regarding the consequences of Prop 8’s defeat.

    Glen’s got a long history with city government, both in California and Utah. It’s going to be interesting to follow his story as it emerges.

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