Today, half the nation will select our presidential candidates. Voting in primaries is more important than in the general election because primary results determine the available options. Alternatives, in turn, sometimes determine the outcome.

Remember Spencer Kimball’s motto?
Do it.
Do it right.
Do it right now.

After two decades of division and gridlock, we now have the chance of coming together behind a candidate who respects difference and is committed to reality as much as to the American people. We know he is sincere because he has lived his rhetoric. Instead of cashing in after an Ivey League education, he became a community organizer to help the steel workers and their families who had been downsized. Instead of paying down his school loans quickly after Harvard Law and editing the school’s law review, he served the people as a constitutional lawyer to defend voting rights and fight discrimination by government and in the workplace. Barack Obama’s life is his message. His words are powerful because he is living them.

Most importantly, he is not only smart, he is not only committed but he appreciates his limitations. You can tell because Barack Obama respects those who disagree with him and learns from differences of opinion.

Tonight our opponent may well be ahead but not by much. Four weeks ago, she was twenty points up in almost every Tsunami Tuesday state. Making up twenty points within a few weeks proved to be no problem for Barack Obama because his campaign moves from the bottom up. It’s people powered.

Our slogan remains “Yes, we can!” Our opponent has adapted with “Yes, she can!” We and she, that’s the difference between the two messages. We love Barack but he and his supporters understand that it’s not about a candidate. It’s about the American people. It’s about us.

That’s why we have been able to close the gap so rapidly. Since delegates are awarded proportionally, it will not matter that our opponent might win more states tonight. The delegate count will be close enough to catch her soon. The movement for change is still ascending. We have the momentum.

A slight Clinton lead in the delegate count is the worst case scenario. It may turn out even better.

Cast your ballot for change and make some time to volunteer. Your children and your children’s children will want to hear about what you did today.

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6 Responses

  1. aerin says:

    My state’s primary isn’t until May 6th. Oh – and it hasn’t gone democrat since LBJ in 1964.

    That being said, I will most certainly vote both in the primary and in the election. I hope all other eligible U.S. voter/readers of this blog and others will vote as well!

  2. andrew says:

    I pulled the lever (or touched the touchscreen) this morning for Obama…He’s gonna pull it off, I think (and I hope).

    And I love the video.

  3. C.Biden says:

    I cast my vote for Barack Obama this morning. I hope I’ll get to do it again in November.

  4. dpc says:

    Hmmm…I wonder if there are any Republican ex-Mormons out there?

  5. aerin says:

    I’m sure there are Republican ex-Mormons – just like there are Democrat Mormons (my Mom is a Democrat).

    I think many people have been disappointed with the Republican party recently (even lifetime Republicans)- hopefully they will be able to make some changes and soon.

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