2 thoughts on “Utah, bastion of depravity and sin ;)

  1. OMG, How BACKWARDS can people of one state be?
    No Doubt: TBMs will attribute this to the decline in % LDS in the state, the phases of the Moon, and/or Rock Music.
    At a time when many jr Hi/Middle schools hand out condoms, give birth & disease control info/referrals, Ew-tah is (appears to me, anyway) Stuck in the abstinence rut.
    the Times, they are a changing…

  2. I am glad that the health department officials are open about this problem.

    Sex will always be a challenge in any society but I expect that one could demonstrate that openness produces the best results. Sex is a drive, which means that to some degree it is beyond volition.

    My cousin Frank Wedekind’s drama Spring Awakening (1891), which has recently been rediscovered as a rock musical on Broadway, illustrates powerfully that children and adolescents require the open minded guidance of adults to deal with sex responsibly.

    Don’t do it is not responsible advice in light of the fact that many people will have sex regardless of prohibitions. The important thing is that young people understand sex. That requires that adults are honest to themselves and open to their charges.

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