A question of morality…

Literature Youth

As if our usual three-hour services weren’t sufficient, after dinner on Sunday Rex, Joy, and I had a youth fireside to attend at the bishop’s house. Logically Rex shouldn’t have been required to attend since he was eighteen and hence no longer in the youth program, but Mom insisted that she wanted him to go. Actually none of would have gone if we’d had a choice. So naturally we dragged our heels a bit getting there and arrived late. Read the rest of the story ร‚ยป

4 thoughts on “A question of morality…

  1. ‘Petting’? I thought died/went OUT a couple of dozen decades ago!!
    OTOH… is miniature Golf ‘bad’? How’s that?

    as usual, older folks (leaders) will go to Any Length to demonstrate, Beyond Doubt, that they are terminally OUT OF TOUCH with current reality.
    ‘Morality’ has Only One meaning in Churchspeak: SEXUALITY

  2. Well, remember this is a bit of a period piece set a few decades ago. That said, I don’t think the term has gone out of fashion in LDS circles.

    OTOH, please — miniature golf is lame by any reasonable standard. Next you’re going to tell me you like green jello with grated carrots… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. O.K.
    I guess LDS leaders are ‘beneath’ using colloquial words (like: ‘Cop a Feel’ or’2nd Base’)


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