For Faraday and All Unlikely Mormons

More than a year ago, someone raised the question why Europeans joined the LDS Church. Faraday’s answer was perfect:

Because the church was a breath of fresh air.

For Faraday and all unlikely Mormons, here is a breath of fresh air by Wir Sind Helden

If we have to start over, lets reclaim our childhood!

For those that don’t speak German, a rough translation of the lyrics:

When It Happens

A heartbeat just for me
and those who are with me
Open your eyes, look at it
Those who fail to cry about that will become blind tomorrow
If you can’t love that, what can you love
Everybody love as much as possible
A thunderbolt just for me
and those who are with me
If you doubt now then you lack clear vision
No matter how much time takes away
Those who blink weren’t here

May be, it was really only a year
But I never want to ask where I was
Where was I when that was true

I want to be there
When time freezes
I want to be there
Wenn time explodes
Und if in the process
my mind looses itself
I want to be there
When it occurs

A heart, a beat, a bolt
for those who are lonely
Open your eyes and look at this
Do you really want to count how time escapes
If the world can also be like this

May be, it was really only a year

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2 Responses

  1. CWC says:


    (Wir sind Helden is amongst my husband’s favorite bands and we are often found listening to their CDs in our car on road trips. Gekommen and zu bleiben always sticks in my head for days… Their videos are always great too.)

  2. Thanks! I really have been reclaiming my childhood in the last year. Basically starting again where I left off 20 years ago, before making numerous church-inspired decisions that went against my nature.

    The words of the song are expecially apt since I agree with Julian Barbour regarding time. 🙂

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