Remembering a Convert

As a child, I admired Brother B. He was a member of our ward. Back then Brother B. must have been in his fifties. He was naturally self-confident and projected authority in an understated sort of way.

Late in life, Brother B. had switched careers to become a natural healer. My mother who had been a physiotherapist educated in the natural health tradition was all into that. Personally, I thought natural healing was baloney but that did not detract from my respect for Brother B. Continue reading “Remembering a Convert”

LDS Financial Deficits?

In a comment thread on a previous post at Latterday Mainstreet (see here) I got into a debate about LDS finances and how much the LDS religion brings in from tithing and other donations. I had heard/read the claim before that the LDS religion actually has an operating budget deficit in the UK (see: That just didn’t make sense to me. So, I fiddled around with some numbers and decided I don’t buy that claim. Here’s what I came up with, and please, if you don’t find these ideas compelling, please tell me where I’m mistaken in my analysis… Continue reading “LDS Financial Deficits?”