Sunday in Outer Blogness: Election Extravaganza Edition!!!

I assume I don’t have to tell you: Obama was re-elected President of the United States of America, and the Internet exploded with commentary, analysis, and personal takes. Did prophecy fail big? On Mitt’s team, some people are freaking out (no really), some are trying to calm those who are freaking out, and there’s even some pleasant reconciliation.

Of course, not all the Mormons lost. Also some other religions won some firsts, whereas the only non-theist in Congress lost and the science vote had a little fun.

Meanwhile, Obama’s team is pretty happy, as are women:

Let all parties understand that ignoring basic biology and presuming to dictate to women how they should approach tragedy and trauma and its aftermath is a sure road to defeat and irrelevancy. Let us shape better conversations about what being “pro-life” means. Let us end not only these stupid remarks about rape and unwanted pregnancies, but rape and unwanted pregnancy.

I had a little trouble getting excited about this election (because of stuff like this), but I’m glad to see that the overtly misogynistic politicians got their asses handed to them. How did this happen? Itwould appear that:

For the first time in over 200 years, the votes cast by men created in the caucasian image of the Lord, God of Abraham may be rendered impotent by waves of unheartlandishly-hued and vaginated voters.

Some are wondering whether Mitt’s political career is over, and — more importantly — Is the “Mormon Moment” over!? With all its opportunities? Mormons work on their strategy:

But for now I remind all of us to love our neighbors. Not because we do, necessarily, and certainly not because Heavenly Father wants us to. But because if we don’t at least act like we do, the nonmember community might think that we’re a bunch of misogynistic, homophobic, small minded sore losers.

Remember, the election may be over, but the LDS PR campaign continues!

I was more surprised that marijuana was legalized in two states (we should see some interesting “states’ rights” battles ahead!) and by the fact that team Marriage Equality won all four states with ballot initiatives about it. Best post title: Scuse Me While I Marry This High Guy . Meanwhile, the Mormon political opposition to marriage equality seems to be on the I don’t remember we taught anything about that track.

One of the fun parts about the commentary is that (while most people analyzed the election in terms of the common assumptions) there were outside perspectives, plus people analyzed some walls of the box, to help think outside it. It appears that values and ideas Americans vote for are changing.

Now, for those crazy non-conformists who wrote on other topics this week!!!

Parenting in families divided by Mormonism can be a challenge! (Single dads get a poem!) See some tips for exmos on wine and beer, and tips from President Paternoster for the new legion of Sister Missionaries. Plus some personal stories and a new book!!

Ziff wrote some interesting analysis on how unreasonable commandments need to be. Kent Larsen did some fun historical research on Joseph Smith and baseball. Johnny Townsend analyzed the boundary between “the gospel” and “church policy.” Another single Mormon wrote about how women in the church get their identity through secondary attachment. There were also interesting pieces on Mormonism and selfishness. I guess Theological and Scientific study of Mormonism doesn’t stop, even for elections!

I hope you made it through election week OK — let’s see where things go from here!!

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