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In defense of religious ‘brainwashing’ 150

In defense of religious ‘brainwashing’

Originally published at the USU SHAFT site. Ive enjoyed several of the videos produced by The Thinking Atheist. This video, however, should make them reconsider their (already rather smarmy) name. In the video, several...

the necessity of religion? 16

the necessity of religion?

I’ve read a number of articles and book chapters over the last month or so that have started to change the way I think about religion. After leaving Mormonism and becoming a secular humanist...

LGBs and atheism 10

LGBs and atheism

I just finished reading a two-volume set on atheism and secularity. There were a number of interesting findings in the books. I’ll probably post about a few more of them. But I’ll start with...