by Dawn Houghton

My mom claims Marilyn Monroe is the Mary Magdalene of her generation, misunderstood and angelic, so my mom goes about thinking of ways to save Marilyn’s soul.

Instead of a usual Monday “Family Night” where we talk about charity or honesty, we wait until the weekend and we watch Marilyn movies, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, How to Marry a Millionaire, Some Like it Hot, Bus Stop, and The Misfits at the Avalon theater on State Street using our first-of-the-month check each time. It is the 15-year anniversary of Marilyn’s death. My mom says Seven Year Itch doesn’t have good moral values because it’s about the temptation of affairs and because of the scene where Marilyn’s dress blows up in the air, plus it’s one Marilyn’s ex-husband, Joe DiMaggio, didn’t approve of, so we don’t watch that one. Continue reading “Pure”

part 2: exorcising the Holy Ghost

This post follows an earlier one, the spirit. Check that one out first so you can get a segue into where I’m coming from.

During my long process of questioning and exiting, I’ve re-evaluated just about everything in my life. I had a especially hard time explaining, defying, and reinterpreting the Spirit. One issue that held me up was that my mom spoke to the Spirit on a daily basis. Spoke. Daily. Even to the point that other Mormons thought she might be a little cuckoo. I think she eventually learned to stop announcing her personal revelations. Not because she questioned them when others did, but because she decided those other people just didn’t get it. They could have those revelations, too, if they just listened, you see. Continue reading “part 2: exorcising the Holy Ghost”

Doomed Unrequited Love and a Very Special Hieroglyph

The next morning over breakfast we compared notes on the dance. This didn’t take too long since no one had really met any serious prospects. The ones that were closest to finding a romance were Amy with Greg and her sister Alexandra with this guy Matt who was from Ely. But neither one of these was particularly promising since Greg was a non-member and Matt lived way on the other side of creation where Alexandra could hardly hope to see much of him. Plus he seemed like a bit of a hayseed. So when they had finished their stories, I recounted to them the whole situation with Tom and how Lara was leading him on just to get him to join the church. Read the rest of the story »

Maidenhood, Spinsterhood & Sex

The highlight of attending Young Woman’s each Sunday was seeing C.J.
C.J. was one of the Young Women’s advisers and she wasn’t your typical LDS woman. She was blunt, honest and downright irreverent at times. I looked to her as more of a big sister, rather than a teacher. She was in her late 20’s, unmarried and, by Mormon standards, a spinster. She chose to attend the family ward with her elderly parents, rather than the singles ward because it was “a meat market”. She was graceful, quick-witted and charming. At nearly 6 feet tall, she was not only beautiful, but very intimidating. She was like a blond version of “Xena Warrior Princess“. Continue reading “Maidenhood, Spinsterhood & Sex”

The Conservative Logic of Gay Marriage

If you feel queezy about homosexuality, my sympathy. We have all been raised in a culture that identifies homosexuality as a defect if not a sin. It would be dishonest if we were to pretend that we can escape our socialization but we can rely on reason for reflection.

On occasion of New Hampshire domestic partnership law, let me share a short syllogism about the conservative point of view. Continue reading “The Conservative Logic of Gay Marriage”

May I have this dance?

I couldn’t believe I was finally old enough to attend my first church dance! I had waited months for this! I’d turned twelve in May, and the first dance after that happened to be a stake Halloween dance. I decided I’d go as a gypsy that year. My mom helped me to apply dark skin makeup, eyeshadow, and fake eyelashes. She loaned me long necklaces and bracelets and a colorful skirt that was perfect for my costume. I put on a scoop-necked white peasant blouse, and a black wig…

But when I stood in the mirror, something wasn’t quite right. It wasn’t that I was too blonde or fair to be a gypsy; we’d already fixed that with the dark makeup and wig. We stood there looking at me, when suddenly Mom snapped her fingers and left the room fast.

Soon she returned with one of her bras in hand. “Mo-oooom! No. Way. NO. I am NOT wearing that thing! It’s HUGE!Continue reading “May I have this dance?”

ex-Mormon vs. post-Mormon vs. DAMU

What’s in a name? 😉

Back when I wrote my handy guide to different types of Mormons I claimed that ex-Mormon and post-Mormon are just two words for the same thing. Since then, many people have told me that there’s a real difference between the two, namely that an ex-Mormon is someone who is angry and/or recovering whereas a post-Mormon is someone who has moved on. Continue reading “ex-Mormon vs. post-Mormon vs. DAMU”