Polygamy's Latter Day Toll–a dialogue

More polygamy stuff.

In my comments, Elder T. Wanker asked some specific questions concerning polygamy and the impact it has on Mormon women today. Once again, I add the disclaimer that I cannot speak for every woman, only myself. And we know how much baggage concerning sexuality and Mormonism I still tote; with that in mind, I’ll post his questions and attempt to address them as best I can. I do this not only because he’s my favorite contrarian, but because the questions are insightful enough to spawn a whole other post. Thanks, TW. Continue reading “Polygamy's Latter Day Toll–a dialogue”

Polygamy's Latter Day Toll

A fellow blogger and fellow contrarian wrote a brilliant post on polygamy…well also on the number four and fucking and…well, you’ll just need to go read it. Anyway, I think he’s brilliant. And I love debating with him. As I started to respond via a comment, I realized my comment would take up a whole lotta space, so I decided to blog about it. Continue reading “Polygamy's Latter Day Toll”