Sunday in Outer Blogness: Afterglow Edition!

What a beautiful Sunday morning! Actually it’s kind of cold and cloudy in Zürich, but I’m feeling warm rays of love coming in from all over Outer Blogness, as people post their personal photos and experiences from yesterday’s marches for equality. From Utah, from Seattle, from Hawaii, from Chicago. (Actually that last one isn’t a post-Mo — sometimes I like to include nevermo bloggers in this roundup — see if you can find the one in last week’s edition! 😉 )

And, our faithful LDS readers will be pleased to note that (even though the NY Times just ran a front-page article explaining that the Mormons tipped the scale in the ban on gay marriage, providing 80 percent to 90 percent of the early volunteers who walked door-to-door in election precincts, and despite some fears I reported on yesterday), the marriage equality movement appears to have moved past the focus on criticizing the CoJCoL-dS and other churches and instead focused their message on love, family, and equal rights. Continue reading “Sunday in Outer Blogness: Afterglow Edition!”

Sunday in Outer Blogness: broken promises Edition!

Yep, I promised I’d stop talking about the election once it was over. But — doggonit — the good people of Outer Blogness had posted a whole lot of follow-up commentary this past week, and I’m here to round it up for you.

First, some favorite quotes: On Obama getting elected: “it’s like every not so popular group in high school turning on the football players and cheerleaders, led by a debate team nerd.” On people claiming that Bush got an unfair shake: “And yes, most people don’t have to deal with these things, but most people =/= heads of nations.” On the grand irony of Mormons pushing for proposition 8: “Pot calls Kettle black…and Pot wins. This time.” Then there’s this statement that, frankly, the church should be ashamed of. It’s summed up pretty well here: Continue reading “Sunday in Outer Blogness: broken promises Edition!”

Sunday in Outer Blogness, not prop.8 edition

I’ve decided I’d like to make this a regular feature if nobody objects. I’m not trying to compete with the Carnival of the Veil (which is more like a regular carnival where people can submit posts). It’s just that since I subscribe to all the many blogs of Outer Blogness, I might as well share some of the highlights from the past week.

Now with only two days left before the election, the discussion of Proposition 8 has gone into overdrive. Despite complaints here and elsewhere, it would appear that we just can’t stop talking about it. Okay, I’ll admit I haven’t tried very hard. So, to provide a little balance, I’ll start with those citizens of Outer Blogness who’ve managed to write about something else. 😉 Continue reading “Sunday in Outer Blogness, not prop.8 edition”