Check out “Upper Room Cartoon”

There’s a new Mormon-themed Youtube channel, and it looks very promsing: The Upper Room Cartoon.

Two cartoons have been posted so far. They look exactly the same: five white guys who are leaders of the church (have to admit that I don’t pay enough attention to who the leaders are, so I can only recognize Monson and Uchtdorf for sure) discuss some topic relevant to a problem in the church for under four minutes.

The first is about the horrible new policy punishing the children of gay people. Notable lines:

“But we believe that men will be punished for their own sins, and not for Adam’s transgression.”

“Yeah, but Adam wasn’t gay.”


“Utah leads the nation in gay suicide rates. You think that has anything to do with us?”


The second is about women, or the “Sisters in Zion.” Notable line:

“Ordain” this, “ordain” that. We just say it didn’t mean “ordain,” and then it doesn’t mean “ordain.”

He Puts Us in a Shark Suit

My last post asserted that God is a jerk.  I think the evidence supports that assertions pretty well.  But maybe he’s a jerk with a really great sense of humor?  Maybe everything seems so ridiculous to us because it amuses him to watch us run around and be scared and look utterly goofy?  Maybe we are to him what a cat in a shark suit on a roomba terrorizing a duckling is to us?

Anyway.  Just turn off all other media, turn the sound up on your computer, enlarge this video to full screen, and take the 78 seconds required to watch it.  You’ll be glad you did, even if it doesn’t help you understand God.

Help? Do I belong here?

How do we help “new bloggers” find their voice?
Are we really a community that does?
I believe we are, or at least can be.

Main Street Plaza is an Internet home for people who care about their thoughts and ideas, eventhough weoften disagree. Wedon’t have the same world view,but it helpsus tobe able toarticulateour point of view, and listen to others asthey express theirs.Disagreements on doctrineor different life choices,does nothave to lead to animosity.I hope that we are making a space for people questioning their faith, lives and community, and to help them feel that they have a “voice” as they work throught those struggles.

An Example of doing it right!

I think that Post Mormon Girl does a great job giving voice to her experiences with the church, and how those experiences shaped her life. Her entire blog is great and some time. when you have the flu or something else, where you have an excuselay inbed,I highly recommendreading through her past posts. She is an awesome person, writer, friend and she has a great way of gently encouraging new readers and commenters to talk, even if they are VERY shy.

Part of what is remarkable about Post Mormon Girl, as a blogger and human being, is that she makes sure to thank each person who comments, or to engage them in some way. When she doesn’t know an answer, she will post that she doesn’t know, and ask her readers whether they know them. She also asks questions that she genuinely doesn’t know the answers to, and at the end of the OP asks her readers to share their experiences.

This is one of her recent posts, that especially hit home with me: (You really should take the time to read the OP and ALL ofthe comments)

The post is touching and masterfully written.Thecomments, thoughts, ideas and personal experiences added to the OPmake it much morepowerful!. PMG is a great writer, who writes honestly and straight from the heart. There is no doubt that her writing stands on its own. While being a great writer is important, her original reasonfor starting A Post-Mormon Life, was to help others who had, were or were going to have some of the same experiences, when they decide that leaving the LDS church, She wanted other people toknow that it is possible to leave the LDS church, andthey can be happy. Mostly, she wants people to ask questions, or leave part of their own stories, so they can be part of the larger narrative of current Mormons, Ex-Mormons, and thosestraddling the fence.

What we are doing now, and howwe can bebetter!

Hopefully, Main Street Plazais creating a space for thestoriesof people who have had the LDS church touch their lives. As a place forexperiencesto beshared, a place of encouragement, and not a place of condescension or condemnation.This is a place that you can hear the words and voices of those whose lives have been different,while you still share some common threads.

Hopefully, you willfind acceptance, no matter where you fall on the living-believing-caring-hoping scale of personal growth.As you discuss, debate, and find common ground, hopefully you will see Main Street Plaza as a place to embraceideas and people who don’t agree with you (or do agree with you) that you respect because of the lives they live and their tollerance and support, no matter how different you may seem at first.

Oftentimes, connecting through blogs has less to do with marketing and more to do with making personal connections, but it is hard to make those first few connections, If someone has posted on a group blog, and they have a personal blog that is in their profile, check out their blog. If theirblog is interesting, and youare comfortable with the content, leave a comment about something you liked, and then ask them to check out your blog.It can be a great was tostart conversations that mightnot happen inlarger forums, with 20-50 comments. There are new and more experienced authors,who offer their advice, when you ask for it. 😉

There are times whenyouneed help now, and you aren’t sure who to ask. So, please, if you are new or have been lurking for a while,
please leave a comment with your question(s) and hopefully between the community members, we will be ableto answer all of them.

Julia 😉


**Disagreeing is just as honorable as agreeing, as long as comes from a supportable idea or an experience based insight. Name calling is always an easily throw, like the balls from a Nerf gun. I am asking you to at least try meeting me half way, and stick to only calling me an idiot, AFTER you have shared your “supportable idea.” :-)

“I’m a Mormon” campaign prompts copycat ads

I'm a Mormon

As the ongoing campaign expands to Brisbane and beyond, it’s also earning flattery along the way as mimics come out to play.

I’m a

I’m a bear, I love to tell jokes, and… I’m a muppet.


Meeeh mee mee me mee. Me meee mee me! Me me Memmeeee.


I’m a

And let’s also not forget–let’s not forget, Dude–that keeping wildlife, an amphibious rodent, for uh, domestic, you know, within the city– that isn’t legal either.

5th generation marmots

Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. Some light holiday reading:

Its a known fact in advertising circles that only idiots click on ads.

Think mockery doesn’t work? Think again.

P.P.S. And some silly holiday YouTube fun:

I’m a large ground squirrel, a veteran screen (over)actor, and yes, I’m a Marmot.

Hey, I’m a Muppet.

P.P.P.S. Seriously, though, the Mormons aren’t doing religion any favors with this prt–parodier ad campaign.

Alan Osmond, Macho Man

From the YouTube description:

Eldest Osmond brother Alan says in a new interview that the Osmond Brothers’ dancing was too effeminate, so they brought in Chuck Norris, who basically taught them how to add karate-style moves to make it more manly. Says Osmond: “Chuck, we need to toughen up our dance. Can you help us? And he said ‘well let’s learn some karate and you can apply the moves’ cause there’s stomps, and HOOO, YEAH. You know, it was very boyish, and that’s what we wanted.”

Obviously, the next step is going to involve perusing some Osmonds clips and judging how consistently the brothers performed to Alan’s standard (be sure to catch their “Stayin’ Alive” cover in the comments section below).


Warren Throckmorton: Alan Osmond channels NARTH

Queerty: WATCH: The Osmonds Hired Chuck Norris To De-Feminize Their Dancing

Back2Stonewall: Alan Osmond Of The Osmond Family Pens Anti-Gay Article Defending Gay Reparative Therapy and the Mormon Church

HuffPost: Alan Osmond Pens Anti-Gay Article In Defense Of Reparative Therapy On Family Website

Advocate: Osmond Brother Defends Antigay Reparative Therapy

And just for fun… Here’s a compilation of Alan’s wit and wisdom.

Big tip o’ the hat to Dave Evans for breaking this story.

And the latest two three four five links:

QSaltLake: The scary truth about Alan Osmonds family-friendly website

Truth Wins Out: Unknown Osmond Wouldnt Be Tough Butch Dancer He Is Today Without Chuck Norris

Perez Hilton: Alan Osmond Thinks Homosexuality Can Be “Cured”!

Salt Lake Tribune: Online, it’s Alan Osmond vs. the LGBT community

LGBT Weekly: Alan Osmond: Homosexuality is not innate

Which is your favorite song from “The Book of Mormon”?

Chino put a link to the cast recording of God’s Favorite Musical in our sidebar a while ago, but I didn’t take the time to listen to the songs until people here started discussing them. My new advice: don’t wait!!

Listen first and vote, before reading my opinion.

OK, done?

A lot of them had me going “Wow, fantastic! And so true!” But it was listening to “You and Me (But Mostly Me)” that made my whole youth and childhood pass before my eyes. Standing there, happy to supportively sing “my best friend…” while somebody Awesome! (in the spotlight) sings his heart out about serving God. And it didn’t hurt that it kind of reminds me of ’80’s pop, and of “Humble Way” from God’s second-favorite musical.

Anyone else find that these songs bring back memories?

Sabbath Police!! Apparently, Mormons crack themselves up making videos like these.

While the rest of us watch in horror.

Or am I the only one frightened to discover that Mormons find this kind of thing amusing?

As far as I can tell, this is another example of the Mormon surveillance culture that empowers anonymous snitches, got Brandon Davies kicked off a BYU team, and Brian Devine fired. But Mormons apparently want the rest of the world to see how much fun their surveillance culture can be, so here it is in all its rib-ticklin’, knee-slappin’, report-your-neighbor glory:

Tip o’ the hat to Brother Shafovaloff (and a wag o’ the finger: reading comments over at Aaron’s place reminds me why I didn’t bother checking out the Christianist clubhouse after quitting Mormonia).