Sunday in Outer Blogness: Kristmas Kremlinology Edition!

The big news this past week is the new LDS website Mormons and gays. From what I gather, the most amazing part is that in the official church stance they admitted that some people are gay or lesbian (they even made reference to reality on this!) whereas before this site, the stance of the CoJCoL-dS was that acts could be homosexual, but not people. Personally, I think it’s kind of sad that such a small change in language is such a big deal — especially considering that the church policy statement Read more [...] — a Sign of Movement toward Dialogue?

The Church recently launched a site titled Love One Another: A Discussion on Same-Sex Attraction (at the URL: Here is a useful link that centralizes many responses to the new site. John Gustav-Wrathall writes at D&S that “Now is the Time” for dialogue, because this new site demonstrates that They do not want to censor the dialog.  They’ve made space for this by saying, in essence, ‘We don’t claim responsibility for nor do we necessarily agree with everything Read more [...]

Valerie Hudson’s take on Taylor Petrey: A Misogynist in Sheep’s Clothing?

Today I read some articles by Valerie Hudson, a Mormon feminist and ex-BYU Poly Sci professor who’s written on interesting topics like the relationship of gender equality to state security. Here at MSP, we talked about her here. Back in 2009, she created some hubbub regarding the “real teleos” of marriage: its gender complementarity as an argument against same-sex marriage. She argued that the national anti-same-sex marriage campaign is failing because it’s lead by patriarchal men who focus on Read more [...]

It Even Gets Better for Straight Spouses

Here’s an “It Gets Better” video made by a group of straight spouses in MOMs: OK, I can’t make the embed code work, so here’s the link to the youtube page: The “about” page of the website of the group that produced the video, Straight Spouses, states We started as an informal group of LDS women with children, on a journey to find peace with our religion and our lives, the center of which seemed to always be the fact we are or once were married to a gay or bisexual Read more [...]

Revisionism: The Sin (and Doctrine) of the Ages

About 15 months ago, I published a pieceon MSP, the first of series of posts exploring issues related to mixed-orientation marriages, that generated a number of comments by someone who identified himself as An Inner Light. I subsequently found out that this person is Joshua Johanson, a youngish Mormon who is married to a woman but admits publicly and loudly that he has same-sex attraction (SSA). What greatly disturbed me at the time about Johansons comments to my piece was what I viewed as his Read more [...]

Those Uppity Gays

The whole Chick-fil-A controversy reminds me of a period of time in recent American history when a segment of our society that tried to assert what it believed to be its civil rights and dignity was brutally repressed, particularly in a certain section of the country. I refer, of course, to African-Americans which is certainly not what they were called back then. Recently, I loaned our copy of The Help to my young teenage son to watch. He told me later that he enjoyed the movie but was appalled Read more [...]

LDS Church is “kicking against the pricks” on gay marriage

So, get this… A center at BYU collated some survey numbers and guess what is up in Utah: support for civil unions and same-sex marriage. Check out some of their figures. First, all Utah voters: Second, political party identification: Third, by religion: No surprise that the nonreligious support civil unions and same-sex marriage, though I wonder how many are former Mormons. But look at the trend for Mormons – in the last 8 years opposition has gone from 69% to 38%. The conclusion: Read more [...]

Mormons in Pride Parades Okay, I need to vent (Part 2)

(Part 1 is here.) Now that the Pride parades are almost wound down for the summer, there are concerns I have about the Mormon presence that I would like to address. One major theme I’ve seen is this idea that “local politics is inherently good politics.” Prominent liberal Mormon bloggers have advocated that however Mormon Pride contingents have emerged at the local level is inherently okay. The argument goes something like this: Not everywhere in America has the same level of acceptance Read more [...]

Gay People Do Exist – Coming out to my Grandparents

Gay People Do Exist! Coming Out to My Grandparents My grandparents were/are committed Christians. They’ve taught 3rd and 4th grade Sunday school for as long as I can remember. On the infrequent occasions when I attended their church, from kindergarten until I was about 12, I always pulled up a chair and sat between them while we were going over the lesson as a class and eat doughnuts my grandma faithfully bought every Sunday. They taught me about God, prayed with me, and told me of God’s grace. Read more [...]

Sunday in Outer Blogness: Gay parents edition!!!

This past week, a new study hit the press, showing that the children of failed mixed-orientation-marriages are at risk (compared to kids whose parents are in a stable relationship): It’s about current adults who grew up in mostly dysfunctional homes, where one of the parents may have had a homosexual affair, or is leading a double life, or is self-medicating to cope with being gay while acting straight. In so far as the study reflects the difficulties for children growing up in such unstable homes, Read more [...]

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