Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!

While sad in all the typical ways, I couldn’t help but chuckle at one line in this article about the ousting of an apostate in Arizona. Apparently they can’t just let this guy slink off into the night, as he intended to do once he realized Mormonism is a sham. Because he actually told people it’s all bullshit, his Stake President decided to announce it from the pulpit at all of the wards in his stake. Here’s the reason given by the Stake President who made the decision (this is the line that cracked me up),

“We need to let people know if there is a danger to them, such as him teaching doctrine that is contrary to what is taught by the church,” Molina said Friday.” Continue reading “Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!”

Catching Up

(Note: I wrote this shortly after leaving and submitted it to Sunstone. They rejected it as it wasn’t supportive of their new mission – to keep people in, even if they don’t want to be in – arghh! Anyway, it’s still pretty good.)

Catching Up

Leaving Mormonism has been the most informative decision I have ever made. Prior to my exodus to the ‘dark side,’ I had been sheltered from progressive society to such a degree that I didn’t even know what an agnostic was. Don’t believe me? Well, let me explain…

I was born and raised in rural Northern utah until just after my 19th birthday. I served an LDS mission to Central America in the late 1990s. Upon returning, I enrolled at the University of Utah from which I graduated with Bachelor’s degree I married another U of U graduate, whom I met dancing. Both my wife and I spent a year working at a behavioral treatment center before pursuing graduate studies in the Midwest. We left Mormonism in August of 2002. Continue reading “Catching Up”

Meanwhile… (after the Escape)

As I sipped my champagne I just knew it couldn’t be this easy. What if the president stopped the plane? What if they let him come on board to talk to me? What if God made the plane crash?

Three hours later in New York City I had to dodge a couple of NYC-based missionaries that had been sent there to bring me back. The airline had squealed and informed the president of my entire itinerary. After an hour or so, I gave up and let them talk to me. No, I didn’t want to go back to Puerto Rico. No, I didn’t wan’t to go back and talk to their president, either. No, I didn’t want them to sit with me until my connecting flight boarded. No, no, no. Continue reading “Meanwhile… (after the Escape)”

Growing Up Mormon: Religious Addiction

building.gif When I was very young my parents drank, smoked and rarely went to any church. My father had been raised Mormon, but had left the religion to sow wild oats or something. My mother was a Norwegian Lutheran from North Dakota. She was the responsible one, never doing anything to the extreme. My father, from stories I’ve gathered, had quite the alcohol problem – carousing and going on three-day binges. He struggled with excess, characteristic of addictive personalities.

After his last Vietnam duty tour, he came home with a new addiction. While over there he traded all the others in on religion. Specifically Mormonism. It superseded alcohol, tobacco, and sex (I’m speculating on that one, based on clues I’ve heard during family gatherings). Continue reading “Growing Up Mormon: Religious Addiction”

God as a dad with 100 billion phone lines?

I was considering the implications of the idea of the Mormon god when it struck me, “What would eternity be like as a god based on Mormon theology?” Okay, so you’d have a lot of (spiritual) sex with all of your wives. As a man, I have to admit lots of sex sounds at least somewhat appealing. But I’d get bored with sex if that’s all there was. Luckily, I’d have two additional hobbies – spending time listening to my billions of children and making planets and such. Continue reading “God as a dad with 100 billion phone lines?”

The new convert and the scripture-chase (Youth Conference continues…)

At breakfast Annette was ecstatically telling everyone about Tony, her new boyfriend. She recounted how she met him and how she’d asked him to dance and all that. It turned out that he was in the Crystal second ward, so he wasn’t too far away even if he wasn’t right next door. And they’d already exchanged phone numbers so that they could keep in contact after the end of Youth Conference. We all congratulated her and gushed about how very cute he was. At this point I had no reason to be jealous since I had met someone too.

Not to be outdone, as soon as her story started to wind down a bit I launched into my narrative about Bill. I skipped the parts about not hearing him and about computer networking and went straight to telling them about how cute he was and how much he seemed to like me. All the girls who had seen him agreed that he was very cute. Read the rest of the story »

ex-Mormon vs. post-Mormon vs. DAMU

What’s in a name? 😉

Back when I wrote my handy guide to different types of Mormons I claimed that ex-Mormon and post-Mormon are just two words for the same thing. Since then, many people have told me that there’s a real difference between the two, namely that an ex-Mormon is someone who is angry and/or recovering whereas a post-Mormon is someone who has moved on. Continue reading “ex-Mormon vs. post-Mormon vs. DAMU”